‘Discover True Islam Week’ held in Thorpe Village, Middlesex, UK

Mujeeb Ahmed Mirza, Project Secretary

In a heartening display of community and faith, the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community UK orchestrated the “Discover True Islam Week” in Thorpe Village from 26 February to 3 March 2024. This initiative, part of a nationwide effort to educate and engage with predominantly non-Muslim communities, saw a flurry of activities aimed at fostering understanding and peace.

Over the week, residents of Thorpe were invited to partake in various events meticulously organised by the Middlesex Region under the guidance of the Regional Amir. The campaign kicked off with widespread leaflet distribution, with thousands of leaflets disseminated to introduce the locals to the week’s events and the fundamental teachings of Islam.

The focal point of the week was the exhibition held at Thorpe Community Hall, themed “Pathway to Peace.” Managed by the Hounslow South Jamaat, the exhibition served as a hub for dialogue and learning, complemented by daily setups by various local jamaats.

Coffee mornings and a significant interfaith conference provided opportunities for in-depth conversations and strengthened community ties. The conference, held on the final Sunday, was a gathering that highlighted the communal harmony promoted by Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya through various activities.

Parallel to these, the Majlis Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya took charge of charitable efforts, raising over £400 for the Runnymede Foodbank. 

Efforts to reach a wider audience included engagements with local schools and media outlets, ensuring the message of peace and understanding echoed beyond the immediate vicinity of the village.

The success of the week was evident not only in the activities themselves but also in the participation and feedback from the community. One of the neighbours gave the following feedback:

“It was really nice to be welcomed here […] the message about peace is very apt at this moment in time. One thing which has stuck with us is the point made by the keynote speaker about every drop making a difference. […]” 

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