Distancing, isolation and lockdowns: Find your silver lining

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The rapid spread of Coronavirus has brought about unprecedented changes to our lives.

Whatever part of the world you are in, it has been struck with the fear of the potentially deadly virus and the gloomy grim of the measures that we are all having to take: distancing from society and loved ones, isolating for all sorts of obvious reasons, and being stuck at home with towns and cities in lockdowns.

But this coin too has a flip side.

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Staying at home can come with a whole range of opportunities that we have never had owing to our modern day busy lifestyle.

From gardening to cooking and reading and writing; from catching up with Huzoor’saa Friday sermons to exploring Jamaat’s rich collection of literature.

So much there is to be done.

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Share your story of how you are making the best use of this time and we will share it with our readers, here at Al Hakam.


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Let’s stay connected and sail through this challenging time.

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  1. I’ve been going live on my instagram page everyday encouraging people to stay positive and giving them a space to comment and share their feelings about the current situation we are all going through. Working from home and creating new content for social media to keep peoples spirits up and also doing my home workout on a daily basis to keep myself fit and healthy! Health is wealth right now not the other way around.

  2. Routine! And prayers help set routine. Working from home tbh more productive and enjoying all the Jamaat initiatives online.

    Stay safe everyone!

  3. I’ve been reading more, studying the tafseer of the Holy Quran and catching up on interesting documentaries. Though self-isolation may be difficult, we must remind ourselves that during wartime men as young as 16 were forced to go for war. Today, to stop this pandemic and save lives, we are told to just stay at home. Count your blessings….

  4. Assalamualaikum
    We live in Silver Spring Maryland, USA. My children have been using WhatsApp to call their Nana Abu, who lives in the UK. Every day, he tells us stories of Prophets. We do a 4-way call with cousins and listen together. This helps us to stay connected, learn good things from our elders and make life long memories. It’s easy. Anyone can do it. Most of us have some elderly relative who could do the same.

    • Staying at home has made me able to read more books of the Promised Messiah (as) as for which I didn’t have much time for before even though I wanted too.

  5. Assalamo Alaikum Warahmatullah
    This is a golden opportunity to read all the books of Promised Messiah (as). Also it is interesting to read the history of Islam. We should take this time to read these hidden gems so we can benefit during this difficult period and the time afterwards.

  6. Assalaamo Alaikum
    We’re in Hamilton, New Zealand. Our lockdown only started last night. Will try to stay connected with family and friends if we’re still able to make calls and get internet access. Moreover, utilizing this time to read some books. Also catch up on some articles I might’ve missed from Al Hakam or other Jamaati organs.

    Exercising daily

    انشاءاللہ العزیز

  7. Assalamoalaikum Wa Rahmarullahi Wa Alla Barakaruhu. We are now in Day 7 of our national lockdown. Unfortunately people have been ignoring government’s orders to stay inside so a curfew has also been imposed and more recently all supermarkets, shops and even bakeries have been shut down in an attempt to compel people to stay at home. For how long will this lockdown be imposed? No one can really tell.

    It truly feels like we are living a new life altogether; from homeschooling the kids and devising ways to keep them busy to spending an enormous amount of time in the kitchen preparing 3 meals a day!

    With the closure of our local Masjid, all the men of the house can’t go for namaz to the mosque anymore so we are doing all prayers at home. Following Huzoor’s (aa), we are trying our utmost to improve the quality of our Ibaadat; from engaging in Zikr-e-Ilahi all day – especially while doing household chores – to reading works of the Promised Messiah (as) to watching programs on MTA.

    As our beloved Huzoor (aa) said, we have not been able to attend our local Masih-e-Maud Day so instead we have watched the special documentary on the Promised Messiah (as) as well as Rah e Huda. Once more, we realise the true blessings of MTA – staying connected to Khilafat and our Jamaat via Friday sermons and other programs Alhamdolillah.

    If a small invisible virus can bring the whole world to its knees, then what will happen to us if there is a World War? What kind of destruction and despair will await us? Are we, Ahmadis, still the only ones to pray day and night for WW3 to never become a reality? Will the coronavirus open the world’s eyes to the impending doom that awaits us if we persist in denying Allah’s rights and humanity’s rights?

    All I can do is prostrate before my Allah and pour my heart out to Him. May He salvage this world from destroying itself Insha-Allah.

  8. Assalam aleikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.
    In Kenya, Jamaat Nairobi, the president in his address yesterday has imposed a curfew from Friday.
    The mosque is out of bounds, so we just pray at home with our families and loved ones.
    Everyday, we wake up for Tahajjud prayers, Fajr prayers and do Darsul Qur’an. After which we make a circle and everyone reads one Rukuu of Qur’an.
    We always tune in to MTA news, events and other programs relayed. We listen to Huzoor’s (a.a.) sermon on Fridays or repeat on Saturday evening. We encourage each other via social media to pray for the betterment of the situation at hand.

    May Allah Make it easy for all humankind. Ameen thumma aamin.

  9. Assalamo alaikum
    We live in canada and I am spending most of my time listening to MTA3 especially the (hewar al mubashar) last three days from Qadian was amazing!
    And also my kids attending the class online. Then we memorised three chapters from the Holy Quran. I encourage my kids to write in the 3 languages, also to help me with cleaning and cooking. Then they spend some time in playing.
    I read for them some poems of the Promised Messiah (a.s.) as it is beautiful and charming, and helping us to understand that this life is not eternal life.
    Spending time with the kids is unique as if we are writing a history on a white sheet! With all challenges.
    We pray for the world to return back to Allah the Almighty and I pray for Hazrat Khalifatul Masih V (a.a.). We are lucky to follow him on the right path. Alhamdulillah الحمد لله رب العالمين

  10. Assalam o alaikum
    On one hand, this pandemic brings devastation all over the world and the outbreak of this virus is nonetheless proving as a disaster; on the other hand, I see that life has apparently come to a pause as we need to distance ourselves from each other to stay safe. It is undeniable that the current situation creates discomfort and stress for the people; however, we see that such a challenging time would let us spend time with ourselves, the selves that get ignored all the time we are busy at work.
    Here is how I am spending my time during the lock down:
    1. It is a great time to strengthen my relationship with Allah and as we are guided by Huzoor (a.a.), we should be seeking Mercy and Protection from Allah. It is important to take the safety measures, but we should be relying on Allah. Faith in him will keep panic away.
    2. I have a lot of time to read books ranging from Jamaati literature to all good books as this is my hobby.
    3. This is a vital time to get inside of myself. This helps you recognise your talents and skills and reach a goal. For this, I listen to certain motivational speakers.
    4. I have time to read all those articles of Al-Fazl and Al-Hakam that have been left due to shortage of time and documentaries from MTA.
    5. Moreover, I have started cleaning my house in a really profound manner so as to disinfect it (one room a day) and that proves to be a good exercise.
    6. As I am a second year student, I must be preparing for my exams which are expected to be taken in June for now, so I am also “trying” to complete the tasks that are given by my respected teachers everyday on Whatsapp.
    7. Last but not the least, I have volunteered to Humanity first UK, which is running a helpline during this crisis.
    So here is what I am doing.
    May God enable us to stay faithful and loyal.
    May he ease the pain and grief of the world.
    May the time come soon when we are back to schools, colleges, universities and offices. Ameen

  11. AssalamOAlaikum,

    This pandemic has caused disruption around the world but has had some major positives for family life. We have been offering congregational prayers on time at home for last 2 weeks with children. This is something I haven’t done with this much regularity since moving to UK 13 years ago. We do offer prayers but with jobs and busy lifestyles it is sometimes combined or offered individually during busy life style. Our children have been following atfal activities on online platforms. We also managed to spend time with family and find this a blessing in disguise to be away from hectic corporate lifestyle.

  12. This time in isolation has definitely opened my eyes and made me realise that we should use our time wisely and fill our day with reading jamaat material. A day without doing this feels very empty for me. Our Beloved Huzoor, in his extraordinary address to the Jamaat today, mentioned Al Hakam and various other literatures of the Jamaat to be read while at home. Surely this is a great lesson for us all to carry on after. It is these little things will make our day to day loves blessed and our lives fruitful.

  13. Set up my workspace at home (of course with a comfy seat!) Having more time for discussions with my wife on the life of Promised Messiah (as) and Jamaat history. All the Jamaat online initiatives are enabling families to really focus on their understanding and knowledge of the Quran, hadith, and writings of the Promised Messiah (as).

    Stay safe everyone, and like Huzoor (aa) said, the focus is prayers!

  14. Assalamualaikum,

    A close friend and convert shared this comment with me a few years ago that is very relevant these days as the world is locked down and in isolation mode.

    He said if someone was to lock him in a room by himself prior to learning about Islam, Ahmadiyya he would go crazy!
    Now, after accepting the Imam of the age and having read numerous books, if someone was to lock him in a room he would be completely content, as he could close his eyes and reflect in peace on those spiritual treasures.


  15. Assalamo Alaikom

    May Allah bless you.

    We are praying and following the guidelines outlined by beloved Huzoor-e-Anwar (aba) for these hard times when the world is facing coronavirus pandemic.

  16. Jazakumullah for this great initiative, which Beloved Huzoor (aa) mentioned in the special message on Friday. As far as myself is concerned, I have started translation of a book of the Promised Messiah (as) into Swedish. Instead of physical meetings for Tabligh, focus has changed on spreading the true message of Islam online through various means. I believe now is the time to present the beautiful teachings of Islam, when the world has other concerns than unjustly criticizing religion. More quality time is spent with my family, amongst them reading books, watching MTA and playing in the garden.

  17. We are in Islamabad region and aren’t able to offer namaz Behind Huzoor (aa) but we are trying to follow his directives, staying home, spending time with family and making sure our little one learns Quranic prayers and join us in offering namaz.

  18. Assalamu Alaikum! I spend my quarantine life in various ways. All of my university courses have been shifted to online format so I study and join as part of the class online via video call. I write letters to our beloved Huzoor (aa) in which I pray that May Allah the Exalted save His humanity. I also pray for the progress of the Jamaat in these difficult times. Another excellent way to pray for the end of this deadly disease, is to attend multiple online services being offered by the Jamaat now. This involves online dars, Quran classes and many other services that can help us all to build our morale and spirituality in this time.


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