Enduring faith in a transient world


“There are two benefits of the bai‘at [oath of allegiance] taken at my hand. Firstly, sins are forgiven, and one becomes worthy of God Almighty’s promised forgiveness. Secondly, repenting in the presence of the appointed one [ma’mur] bestows strength, and one is safeguarded from the onslaughts of Satan. Remember, upon joining this Jamaat, your aim should not be worldly gains but rather seeking the pleasure of God Almighty. This world is merely a transient stage; it will pass in one form or another [as the Persian proverb goes]: 

شب تنور گذشت و شب سمور گذشت

“[‘The night of hardship shall pass, and so shall the night of ease.’]

“Keep worldly desires and objectives separate. Never blend them with your faith. For the world is fleeting, whereas faith and its fruits are enduring.”

(Malfuzat [1984], Vol. 6, p. 145)

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