Essence of mosques: Sincerity and piety


“The true adornment of mosques is not associated with their structures but with those worshippers who offer prayers with sincerity. Otherwise, these mosques stand deserted. The mosque of the Holy Prophetsa was modest in size, its roof fashioned from palm fronds, through which water would seep during rainfall. The vibrancy of a mosque lies with its congregants. In the era of the Holy Prophetsa, a mosque was constructed by individuals driven by worldly motives. By Divine command, it was razed to the ground. This mosque was known as Masjid ad-Dirar, meaning ‘source of harm’, and its site was levelled with the earth. It is ordained that mosques should be erected for the pursuit of piety [taqwa].”

(Malfuzat [1984], Vol. 8, p. 170)

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