From Germany to Qadian – A German lady’s letter to the Promised Messiah a.s.


The message of the Promised Messiahas had spread across the globe within his lifetime. A hand of special divine succour and heavenly assistance can be seen working behind him.

The teachings and message of the Promised Messiahas not only influenced men but countless pious women accepted him as well. Moreover, a number of women surpassed their husbands in embracing Islam Ahmadiyyat, for instance the mother of Chaudhry Sir Zafarullah Khan Sahib. We find that in the year 1908, Professor Clemant Wragge came to meet the Promised Messiahas along with his wife and she too had the opportunity to ask questions.

Likewise, Hazrat Mufti Muhammad Sadiq Sahib writes in his book Zikr-e-Habib [a recollection of his memories]:

“Around the year 1902, there was a lady in America by the name of Miss Rose …  I started corresponding with her for the purpose of tabligh. When we would receive her letters, I used to translate and read them out before the Promised Messiahas and she became known by the name of Miss Gulabo [rose in Urdu] in our gatherings. Once, it so happened that Miss Gulabo placed petals of flowers in her letter. Seeing them, Huzooras instructed to preserve those flowers as they [in a way] fulfilled the prophecy:

يَاْتِيْكَ مِنْ كُلِّ فَجٍّ عَمِيْقٍ

[They will come to you by every distant track]. Those flowers are safe with me to date.” (Zikr e Habib, pp. 98-99)

In relation to the Jalsa Salana of Germany, readers of Al Hakam are presented a similar kind of letter below, which was sent from Germany and carries extreme passion.

A look at religions and the propagation of Islam – Letters from abroad

Al Badr, 14 March 1907

In a recent mail from overseas, a lady by the name of Mrs Caroline’s letter has been received from Pasing, Germany [a district in the city of Munich and part of the borough of Pasing-Obermenzing], which has been sent to be presented before the Promised Messiahas. It shows that the message of Ahmadiyyat has reached these countries as well.

The revered lady says:

“I had been searching for your address from several months so that I may write to you. Finally, I have met the person now who has given me your address (the envelope carries the address, ‘Location: Qadian; Region: Kashmir; Country: Hindustan’).

“I request you to pardon my expression of writing you a letter, but it has been conveyed that you are God’s noble prophet and an embodiment of the Promised Messiah. I am an ardent lover of the Messiah. I have a keen interest in the issues of Hindustan as a whole and the matters of faith in particular. I am deeply aggrieved when I hear the news of famine, disease and earthquakes in Hindustan. I am also regretful of the fact that the beautiful country of holy saints is laden with idolatry.

“I express my gratitude for the extreme passion that you possess for Jesus, our Lord and emancipator. I will be greatly pleased if you may pen a few lines of your sayings for me. I am a German by birth and my husband was an Englishman. Though you are the rightful predecessor of great luminous nations of ancient Hindustan, I believe that you understand English.

“Please send me a photograph of yourself if at all possible. Can I serve you some way in this part of the world? Rest assured, dear Mirza, that I am your sincere associate. Mrs Caroline.”

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