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While reporting on Jalsa Salana Belgium (14 September 2018 issue), we included some glimpses into the history of Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya Belgium. 

We wrote how Malik Ataur Rahman Sahib had visited Brussels and Antwerp in 1948 and had been interviewed by several newspapers of Belgium, one of which was Le Phare Dimanche. Ahmadiyya Archive and Research Centre has been able to find the original newspaper, the image of which is given below:

19 December 1948

The English translation of the news report given in the image of Le Phare Dimanche is presented below:

Islam Invades Europe!

Islam, a religion of continuous transformation, has always produced a number of prophets. Some of them creating schisms and sects, which exist up to now, others having disappeared without leaving a trace.

A few days ago, a little man, with intelligent eyes and a lowered gaze, presented himself as the representative of the “Messiah” at the Phare Dimanche.

According [to him] a Messiah has appeared in India (where he died in 1908) and has instructed his disciples to spread his message to the corners of the world. This is how, without the help of the sword, Muslims are trying to convert Christians to [the faith of] the Quran! This is, to say the least, a new and original [endeavour].

According to this envoy (“Amir” of the Ahmadiyyah movement), the prophet Hazrat Ahmad is the Messiah. It was prophesied that the Messiah would be of tanned complexion and would have straight hairs (as did Hazrat Ahmad). The prophecy says that he would have a twin sister; he would be born in a village named Kada; he would stammer slightly and would suffer from two ailments: all these signs were fulfilled in Hazrat Ahmad. 

He is “Krishna” and “Buddha” for the Hindus, “Mesio” for the Zoroastrians, “Messiah” for the Christians and “Mahdi” for the Muslims. How can one ever doubt this? How can one ever doubt the fulfilment of the prophecy that “the whole world, in the end, will accept Islam”?

According to the “Amir”, the Ahmadiyyah movement has established communities everywhere in the world, even in the United States, the United Kingdom and France. He wants to establish one at least in Belgium. 

What else can [we] do but to wish good luck to this man? Are not all beliefs worthy [of our] respect? 

(Translated by Ataul Qayum Jhuman, UK)

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