Garden party in Hartlepool celebrating the Queen’s jubilee

Tahir Selby, Missionary, UK

Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya Hartlepool celebrated the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee on 5 June 2022 with a garden party at the Nasir Mosque.  

The celebrations began on 2 June when a special meal was prepared for the food banks at St Aidan’s Church and the Annexe Centre for the poor and needy.  

The mosque provides meals every week and so far over 11,000 meals have been prepared, but for the Queen’s Jubilee, each meal contained a chicken, rice and sweet rice and a sticker was put on the container congratulating the Queen. 

On 5 June, some of the youth went street cleaning around the mosque. This was part of the Dyke House Street Clean. At midday, the garden party began and over 40 friends and neighbours came along with over 100 members of the community and enjoyed some English and Asian food, games for the children and a tour of the inside of the mosque, if anyone wanted. Fortunately, the rain held out and everyone had a very enjoyable time, loved the food and appreciated the hospitality.

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