Germany Atfal recount virtual meeting with Huzoor


Atfal-ul-Ahmadiyya from Germany had a blessed opportunity to have a virtual meeting with Hazrat Amirul Momineenaa, on 29 November 2020. In this meeting, 60 Atfal participated.

Below are the impressions of Atfal after meeting Huzooraa:

Kashan Ahmad Malik Sahib said, “Huzooraa was smiling throughout the class. Although this was not like a face to face mulaqat, it was a great blessing considering the pandemic situation.”

Safwan Javed Sahib said that he learned that we should always remember that Allah the Almighty is always watching.

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Kashif Ahmad Baig Sahib said, “As it was my first ever mulaqat with Huzooraa, it was a source of great happiness for me. I learned that we should always give priority to Allah the Almighty and we should pray to him fervently during the prayers; we should always be ready to offer any sacrifice in the way of Allah.”

Jalees Ahmad Javed Sahib said, “The most important advice Huzooraa offered was that as we Atfal have reached an age of youth where we should try to forge a living relationship with Allah the Almighty.”

Shumail Mirza Sahib said that for him, the best advice of Huzooraa was to pray to Allah the Almighty that He may grant us knowledge so that we may progress.

Labib Khokhar Sahib said that he was blessed to have a mulaqat with Huzooraa after a long time. He said, “I learned that we should pray for our good future in our prayers, and should offer two rak‘aat of nawafil [voluntary prayers] as well.”

Jazib Ahmad Sahib said, “I cannot describe my emotions in words. It was a spiritual gathering. I learned how I can prepare myself for my coming years as a khadim and how I can offer the rights of Allah and His creation.”

Maghfoor Ahmad Sahib said, “I am very happy for having a mulaqat with Huzooraa, but I still have a desire to meet him face to face. Huzoor’saa schedule is so full, yet still he gave his time to us. So we should be grateful for this.”

Ehsan Ahmad Sahib said that he was very happy to meet Huzooraa. “I learned that we should always act piously and prepare ourselves for our coming years as Khuddam.”

Taha Butt Sahib said that the questions asked by Atfal were interesting and Huzoor’saa answers were even more interesting and beneficial; they were all so easy to understand. The most important thing was that we should pray to Allah the Almighty and do tabligh.”

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Malik Farasat Ahmad Sahib said, “We are able to meet him in these situations virtually. It proves that even in the most challenging of times, the Jamaat remains united. I learned that we should serve the Jamaat to the best of our capabilities and should offer daily prayers in congregation.”

Jamshed Ahmad Sahib said that he learned that we should be regular in our daily prayers and should always remember that Allah the Almighty sees everything we do. We should ask His forgiveness as it is He Who can open the doors of heaven for us.

Atif Ahmad Javed Sahib said that he was really pleased to see Huzooraa.

Abdaal Ahmad Sahib said, “I was happy that we were blessed to attend this class. Huzooraa gave us time from his immensely busy schedule. Huzooraa advised us that we should strive to progress spiritually and this will happen only when we make a strong relationship with Allah; for this, we have to be regular in our daily prayers.”

Mubariz Mahmood Khan Sahib said, “Huzooraa asked a tifl where his parents were from originally, but he did not know. Thus Huzooraa said that we must know about our family history.”

Fareed Ghori Sahib said, “I felt as though we were sitting in the same room as Huzooraa.”

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