Hazrat Imam Hussain r.a.


Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad a.s.

Believers are such people whose practice bears testimony to their faith, whose hearts are imbued with belief and who give precedence to their Lord and His pleasure over everything else… But how could the unfortunate Yazid partake from such [qualities]. The love of the world had blinded him. However, Hussainra was both pure and righteous and undoubtedly he is amongst the chosen whom God Almighty purifies with His own hand and permeates with his own love. Without doubt he is from among the chieftains of paradise and harbouring an iota’s worth of rancour against him is a means of being deprived of faith. And this Imam’s righteousness, love for God, patience, steadfastness, devotion and worship is a perfect example for us. And we are followers of the guidance of this sinless [individual] that he received. 

(Majmua-Ishteharat Vol 3 page 545) 

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