How can one become a helper [sultan-e-naseer] of Khalifa-e-Waqt?


During a virtual mulaqat of the missionaries of Germany with Hazrat Amirul Momineen, Khalifatul Masih Vaa, which was held on 15 November 2020, Huzooraa was asked as to how one could become a sultan-e-naseer [helping power] for Khalifatul Masih? 

Huzooraa replied: 

“If you wish to become a sultan-e-naseer [helper] of the Khalifa of the time, then this cannot be achieved without the help of supplications. And the best way of supplicating and of attaining nearness to Allah the Exalted is through nafl [voluntary] prayers. 

“Undoubtedly you offer the compulsory prayers anyway, and if you do not, then you fall short of even being considered in the basic category of ordinary Muslims. However, after the fara‘iz, it is the nawafil that will enable you to gain nearness to Allah the Exalted and further opportunities to serve [the faith] and will bless your endeavours. They will also provide you with the opportunity to become a sultan-e-naseer of the Khalifa of the time. 

“Thus, it is the duty of every missionary to offer the Tahajud prayer for at least one hour a day – one hour a day is not difficult given the current circumstances. You could even offer Tahajud for two hours these days. However, all of you should offer Tahajud – even in normal circumstances – for at least one hour a day unless there is a reasonable cause that stops you such as an illness or old age. That is an exceptional case. Otherwise, this is vital, without which we cannot progress. 

“You must pay special attention to this. Pay special attention towards the remembrance of Allah too, instead of daydreaming about visiting a certain shop because they have a certain product on sale, or about doing a certain worldly task, or about going and participating in a certain gathering. Instead of wasting your time, you should pay attention to improving your spirituality. 

“You can only bring about a revolution by increasing your spirituality. Revolutions are never brought about through mere singing of taranahs [choral poems] and raising slogans, nor will you gain the blessings of Allah by [merely relying on] these things. 

“Therefore, the first thing you must do is improve your spiritual conditions. Also, in your capacity as missionaries, you must try to become a role model for the members of your respective jamaats. Everyone should be able to look up to you and say, ‘Yes indeed, Murabbi Sahib is one who has a relationship with Allah the Exalted, and he is focused, and he shows compassion to Allah’s creation and he is also loving and courteous towards the members of the Jamaat.’ 

“Only when you will adopt these virtues will you attain success. If you manage to morally train people in the right way, then you will find such workers in the Jamaat who will be your helpers in your tasks, and this will make your endeavours easier.” 

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