How prayers made my daughter’s kindergarten improbable admission possible


Allah says to call out to Him and to ask Him and He will listen to our prayers. Sometimes, He listens to our prayers immediately, while at other times, the seeker has to wait for an appointed time. 

Some days ago, I had one such incident where our Creator expressed His love in the most beautiful way, and someone advised me to share it with you all. 

I have a two-year-old daughter who will turn three next month, insha-Allah. For the past few months, she has been seeing her elder sister go to school and has since been asking me when she would be able to go to kindergarten. I have had her registered for kindergarten with the relevant local governing body so that she can get admission when she turns three. In Germany, the current situation is that due to there not being enough kindergartens, children have to wait till they turn four to get a place except under extenuating circumstances which my daughter does not meet at all. 

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A few months ago, I enquired about the situation and was informed that she would not get a place this year when she turns three. My daughter frequently writes to Huzooraa so much so that sometimes she writes a few letters in a single day without me asking her! As she writes (or rather colours) to Huzooraa, she speaks out aloud the following words: “Huzoor, iche liebe dich” meaning “Huzoor, I love you”, and “I am going to kindergarten”. She scribbles down these innocent words. I could not have imagined at the time how these scribbles of hers could receive so much love and attention in the sight of Allah. 

After the summer holidays, I once again called the kindergarten some days ago, and after a very long and detailed conversation with them, I was informed that all places had been allocated. I was then told that in March 2022, they would inform those candidates who would start in August 2022. At that time, they would check the children’s age in the waiting list to decide who would be offered a place next year, meaning that my daughter might be able to start kindergarten next year, although the place was by no means guaranteed.

After this conversation, I felt worried at the thought of this prolonged waiting period. 

The next morning, when I offered my Tahajudprayer, for the first time, I prayed to Allah, “If You want, then why would it not be possible for her to get a place”. 

A few hours later, I got a phone call from the kindergarten, and they said “Congratulations! Your daughter can start from next week”. 

The love that Allah showed me through this little incident has rejuvenated my soul. Where I was informed the day before that I would have to wait till “next year” and how my Allah made it possible to have the kindergarten say themselves “next week” is beyond any human intervention. All praise belongs to Allah! 

(From an Ahmadi lady)

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