Humanitarian activities Argentina


Marwan Ahmad Gill, Missionary Argentina

20191222 141536

On 22 and 23 December, Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya Argentina had the opportunity to organise two humanitarian activities.

One day, we went to a poor neighbourhood of Buenos Aires to distribute toys to around 100 children who are living in extremely poor conditions.

We then distributed food boxes to around 10 families of the same neighbourhood.

On 23 December, we visited children in the Ricardo Gutierrez hospital, which is the second largest children’s hospital in Buenos Aires. During our visit to the hospital we distributed toys to more than 60 children.

In total, six members and seven external friends of the Community participated and helped out to carry out both activities.

The local Online news channel ABC Mundial also published an article about our humanitarian efforts and service for the improvement of the Argentinian society.

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