Humanity First UK continues to assist Palestinians


Dr Aziz Ahmad Hafiz, Serving as Chairman Humanity First (United Kingdom)

For the last number of years, our Humanity First volunteers in Palestine have been working hard to support many vulnerable and needy people both in Gaza and the West Bank. Over the last many years, Humanity First has benefited hugely from direct guidance by Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad, Khalifatul Masih Vaa on its operations and equity and justice in its provision for beneficiaries around the world.

We support poor students to enable them to fund their undergraduate education in Gaza and the West Bank. This gives them access to a better future and improves their employment prospects.

Farming and agricultural support projects have also been carried out over the years and sadly we also provide emergency support during acute crises such as the current horrific situation in Gaza.

With the support of our donors, we are currently providing emergency supplies including family food packs and medicine, for example, vital anaesthetic drugs, disposable wound staplers – for the rapid closure of wounds, blood transfusion products – to respond to casualties and disposables such as sterile gloves, needles, syringes and intravenous giving sets via our volunteers and partners.

Supply chain access is a major challenge for all NGO’s, but we are using all options available to us currently and over the coming days and weeks

Below is the latest situation report from the ground with data from UN reports.

  • There has been large-scale displacement of Palestinians in northern Gaza following concerted intensive air and ground strikes across Gaza with a concentration on the north of the Strip
  • Between 10 May and 15 May, 139 Palestinians have been killed in Gaza (including 39 children and 22 women) and 1,038 were injured (including 313 children and 206 women), according to the Ministry of Health in Gaza
  • The UN estimates over 17,000 people are displaced seeking safety in 41 UN schools across Gaza
  • Extensive damage is reported to residential and commercial buildings, schools and infrastructures such as roads, electricity networks and water installations and agricultural lands
  • As of 15 May 2021, only 2 of the 10 electricity feeder lines from Israel to Gaza were functioning with supply from all sources at 70MW out of the estimated need of 400MW, disrupting basic services such as water, sanitation and healthcare
  • Water and sanitation infrastructures have been severely affected with the North Gaza Seawater Desalination Plant still not operational affecting about 250,000 people
  • In the West Bank and East Jerusalem, 10 Palestinians have been killed and 1,650 injured because of clashes between Palestinians and Israeli forces
  • The Israeli authorities have closed the Erez crossing in Northern Gaza since 10 May, including for humanitarian aid and personnel, and the Kerem Shalom goods crossing (Southern Gaza), including for fuel.

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  1. I do believe that you must be having Office In UK, but you have not publish report about you humanity- first. By publishing UN Report, does not meant about your help.
    Can you write address and help report from Gaza & West Bank?


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