“Thus, in my view, the finest path to purification is to relinquish any form of arrogance or pride – be it intellectual, familial, or financial. No better method than this could possibly be found. When God Almighty bestows insight upon a person, one realises that every ray of light that can extricate us from various forms of darkness descends from the heavens. Humanity is perpetually in need of this celestial illumination. The eye itself cannot perceive unless illuminated by sunlight, which also originates from the sky. Similarly, inner illumination, which dispels all manner of darkness and instils in its stead the divine light of piety and purity, also descends from above. I state unequivocally that a person’s righteousness, faith, worship, and purity are all heavenly gifts. It all hinges on God Almighty’s exceptional grace; He may either sustain it or withdraw it.

“Thus, true ‘ma’rifat’ [cognizance] involves acknowledging one’s profound inability and utter insignificance, whilst beseeching God’s grace with humility and submission at His divine threshold. One should implore for that inner light of ma’rifat that burns away egotistical desires, generating instead an illumination, as well as the strength and warmth for virtues. Should one, by His grace, attain this spiritual insight or robust conviction at any moment, it should not give way to vanity or self-importance. Rather, this should deepen one’s humility and meekness. The more insignificant one perceives oneself, the greater the downpour of spiritual experiences and divine blessings, furnishing one with spiritual strength and illumination. Should one maintain this conviction, it is hoped that, by God Almighty’s grace, one’s moral state will undoubtedly improve. Regarding oneself highly in this worldly realm is also a form of arrogance, yielding the same undesirable outcomes. Such arrogance can lead to a disposition where one curses others and regards them with disdain.”

(Al Hakam, 24 January 1905, Malfuzat [1988], Vol. 4, p. 213)

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