Hygiene masks and 30 stations for hand sanitisation donated by HF in Kosovo


Besmir Yvejsi, Secretary Ishaat, Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya Kosovo

Humanity First and Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya Kosovo are closely monitoring the situation regarding the Covid-19 pandemic in Kosovo, as well as the increase in new cases of the virus (in the last week alone, about 1,000 new cases having been added).

The most affected city in Kosovo is estimated to be its capital, Prishtina. Humanity First and Jamaat Kosovo in cooperation with the municipality of Prishtina, on 8 July 2020, installed 30 stations for disinfection of hands and provided hygienic masks. Some of them are static and some are located on the wall.

The donation comes as a help to follow decisions of the ministry of health and the recommendations of the National Institute of Public Health of Kosovo because it is important to put masks and sanitise hands if people frequent urban buses or visit other places.

The places and neighborhoods of the municipality of Prishtina where they have been installed are at the social housing of Hajvali, Center for Social Work in Bregu i Diellit, food bank at Aktash, Center for Social Work in Qafa, food bank in Tophane, Center for Social Work in Kodra e Trimave, social housing of Fusha e Pajtimit, the most frequented bus shelters where urban buses are expected and at a train station.

Officials from the municipality of Prishtina have thanked and expressed their gratitude for this donation.

Mrs Medina Braha, Directress of the Directorate for Public Services, Protection and Rescue, among other things, said:

“As the Municipality of Prishtina, we thank Humanity First organisation for donating masks and sanitisers in the 15 bus shelters in Prishtina. This has been done on purpose to increase security for passengers who frequent public transport in Prishtina, but also to raise awareness with our citizens at this time of pandemic”.

Mr Dren Kukaj, Director of the Directorate for Social Welfare, emphasising that this is not the first time that the Humanity First donated and helped the municipality of Prishtina, said:

“I would like to express my thanksgiving on behalf of the municipality of Prishtina for the Humanity First organization, which is not the first time they are helping us. Today, we are in an extremely important project for public health in the city of Prishtina. Thanks to this project, many citizens will have the opportunity to disinfect their hands in different parts of the city and be equipped with masks in different parts of the city. So once again, thank you very much”.

Mr Premtim N. Fazliu, Coordinator for Projects at the Directorate for Social Welfare, on the occasion of the successful completion of this project, said:

“We are located in the food bank here in the Aktash neighbourhood. Throughout the day, in cooperation with Humanity First, we have set up stations for disinfection of hands and equipment with hygienic masks for citizens and various beneficiaries of the social scheme in Prishtina. This is due to the disturbing spread of the Covid-19 pandemic especially in the municipality of Prishtina. Thus, we have continued with social housing, veterans houses, the most frequented various bus shelters of urban buses, here in the food bank in two centres and in the Center for Social Work in three units”.

This project also received media coverage. 10 newspapers and official persons have published news about this donation on their websites and social networks. By the grace of Allah the Almighty, over 1.4 million people have followed this donation.

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