If humans are not born of their own will, why do they have to follow God’s laws?


Someone wrote to Hazrat Amirul Momineen, Khalifatul Masih Vaa that children often asked why they must obey God’s commands when they were not born of their own will. 

Huzooraa, in a letter dated 4 February 2020, gave the following reply: 

“Allah the Exalted gives life to a child upon the desire of the parents. He then admonishes the parents to pray to Him for their children to be pious and righteous. Allah the Exalted has also taught a prayer for this purpose in the Holy Quran.

“Allah the Exalted has declared humans the noblest of all the creations. He has endowed human beings with the ability to reason and has given them various faculties to be able to live their lives. 

“He then set them free after granting them the ability to distinguish right from wrong and said, if they did good deeds in the temporary life of this world, they would inherit various rewards from Allah in the eternal life of the Hereafter. However, if they did evil deeds, they would fall into the hands of Satan, and because of this, on the one hand, they would be deprived of these rewards of all kinds, and on the other hand, they would have to go through all sorts of painful treatments in Hell – the hospital of the Hereafter to cure the spiritual ailments that they would suffer due to following in the footsteps of Satan. 

“The same thing is mentioned in the dialogue between Allah the Exalted and Satan which the Holy Quran has narrated to us, that when Satan said to Allah the Exalted that he would lead mankind astray from His path, Allah replied that His servants would never listen to him, and He would reward His servants with rewards like Heaven, and those who disobeyed him, He would fill Hell with them.

“Thus, now it is the duty of every human being to think for themselves whether they are to inherit the rewards of Allah the Exalted by following His commands or to become entitled to the punishments of Hell by following the way of Satan.”

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