The ailment of ill-thinking is so wretched an affliction that it blinds a man and hurls him into the dark pit of ruin. It is ill-thinking which resulted in the worship of a dead man. Indeed, it is ill-thinking which moves people to strip God Almighty of His attributes of creation, mercy and granting provision, etc., reducing Him, God forbid, to an idle and useless being. Therefore, it is due to this very ill-thinking that a vast part of hell shall be occupied, rather it would not be an exaggeration to state that the entirety of it would be filled by such people. Those who think ill of the ones appointed by God Almighty look contemptuously towards the bounty and grace of Almighty God. Hence, when a person rejects this community, which God Almighty has established by His own hand, I am grieved that alas, another soul knocks at the gate of destruction. Th is movement is so clearly recognisable that if a person listens to my teachings for even two hours with a willing heart, they would find the truth.

(Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmadas, Malfuzat, Vol. 1, p. 96)

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