Introduce to the world your Prophet, the most excellent example – Huzoor delivers concluding address at Germany Jalsa

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Karlsruhe, 7 July:  The 44th Jalsa Salana Germany 2019 concluded with the Bai’at ceremony and the final address of Khalifatul Masih Vaa, broadcast live on MTA International. The final session of Germany also served as the concluding session of Jalsa Salana Canada.

The total attendance in Germany was 42,729 with a representation from 102 countries. Canada had a total attendance of 18,572 with a representation of 27 countries. 

The Bai’at ceremony, which has its origins in the time of the Holy Prophet Muhammadsa, is an extremely powerful occasion during which Ahmadi Muslims pledge to lead their lives in accordance with Allah’s commandments, vow to follow the ten conditions of Bai’at set by the Promised Messiahas and to obey the Khalifatul Masih in everything good. 

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Today, tens of thousands took Bai’at at the Karlsruhe Jalsa site, while millions joined the ceremony with the live broadcast on MTA. The German translation followed Huzoor’saa words of the Bai’at simultaneously in Urdu.

Zuhr and Asr prayers were then led by Hazrat Amirul Momineenaa, following which was the formal closing session of the 44th Jalsa Salana Germany. 

The session commenced with recitation of the Holy Quran from Surah Al-e-Imran, verses 82-90. Thereafter, an Urdu poem written by the Promised Messiahas was read out – the poem articulated the luminous light that radiates from Islam and the Holy Prophet Muhammadsa.

A German state secretary expressed his sentiments about Islam Ahmadiyyat, Hazrat Khalifatul Masihaa and Jalsa Salana.

An awards ceremony for high academic achievers also took place; awardees had the honour to receive their prizes from the blessed hands of Hazrat Amirul Momineenaa

The highlight of the final session was the address by Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad, Khalifatul Masih Vaa.

After tashahud, ta’awuz and Surah al-Fatihah, Huzooraa recited verse 21 of Surah al-Ahzab. Huzooraa said that the wrong concepts about Islam present within the West is a result of their ignorance of the teachings of Islam; the misguided beliefs of so-called clerics have also played a role in this. 

Hazrat Khalifatul Masihaa stressed that every Ahmadi must continuously strive to propagate the teachings of the Promised Messiahas to the whole world. Humanity is disconnecting itself from religion, thus preaching the beauty of Islam is a huge challenge. To eradicate this, every Ahmadi, through their voice and actions, needs to play their role.

Hazrat Amirul Momineenaa drew the listeners’ attention to the beautiful example of the Holy Prophetsa and underlined the need to follow him; inadvertently, by following his example, tabligh will be done. If we structure our lives in accordance with the example of the Holy Prophetsa, we will achieve success. 

Allah, speaking of the Holy Prophetsa, says in the Holy Quran that He observes when we stand for prayer. Here, Huzooraa mentioned, Allah is talking of the great prayers and agitation the Holy Prophetsa had within his heart for humanity. In another place, Allah says to the Holy Prophetsa “Will you grieve thyself if they do not believe?”. We can recognise the pain the Holy Prophetsa had for humanity from these verses – therefore, how can someone with such a heart desire pain for humanity? 

One companionra of the Holy Prophetsa related how he heard emotional cries from the Holy Prophetsa whilst he was praying in deep anguish. Huzooraa said that these fervent prayers were for humanity to be saved from the wrath of Allah. These prayers resulted in the coming of the Promised Messiahas who was to correct humanity. 

We should perform such prostrations that are not only for our own desires, rather they should be for the nearness of Allah, to save humanity and for the propagation of Islam. 

The Holy Prophetsa, during the evening of the Battle of Uhud, was badly injured, and another wound was that 70 Companionsra had been martyred, yet still the Holy Prophetsa came for the Fajr prayer the following day; this was his great and noble example. 

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Huzooraa reminded the audience to question themselves whether we are up to this level of worship. After all, we are the ones who claim that we will spread Islam once again.

Laziness can only be overcome with effort. Without prayers, our tabligh will have no results and our academic pursuits will also revert to nothing without prayers. 

Hazrat Amirul Momineenaa stressed the need to raise our standards of worship as that of the Companionsra, who had adopted great examples from the Holy Prophetsa. We should be the ones who prostrate and worship during the night.

Hazrat Alira relates that the final guidance of the Holy Prophetsa whilst he was on his death bed was to take care of Salat and the rights of slaves. Therefore, we should not forget the purpose of our lives and be totally engrossed in this world. 

The Holy Prophet Muhammadsa was so concerned about his own standards of worship and trust in Allah that even on his death bed, he ordered that the gold he had once given to Hazrat Aishara to keep be donated to Sadqa.

When we achieve high levels of worship and trust in Allah then we will be successful. The Holy Prophetsa demanded his Ummah to trust Allah and reach the highest levels of trust. 

Huzooraa emphasised that we should not be totally engrossed in work to the extent that we forget to worship Allah – striving for the world is acceptable, however our trust should be in Allah.

The Promised Messiah’sas writings regarding the deep trust the Holy Prophetsa had in Allah were then read out by Huzooraa

Another high moral is being grateful to Allah. The Holy Prophetsa was always in search of how to be increasingly thankful to Allah, in fact, the Holy Prophetsa used to pray for this. 

The Holy Prophetsa would pray, “O Allah, make me such that I become the most thankful person, and follow Your guidance and remember Your guidance”. Huzooraa reiterated how great an example this is; the most thankful man in the world asking Allah to be more thankful.

Huzooraa mentioned that some Ahmadis are not thankful and even complain if the food made in their houses is not to up to the mark; this is wrong. 

Elucidating upon the writings of the Promised Messiahas, Hazrat Amirul Momineenaa stressed that we should be thankful to have the great example of the Holy Prophetsa to guide us. And true gratitude is performing good deeds – this is how Ahmadis can be thankful to Allah.

Another trait is fulfilling covenants; the Holy Prophetsa presented the greatest example with regard to this as well. Huzooraa mentioned incidents from the life of the Holy Prophetsa that showed his great integrity in fulfilling covenants, even during wars. Such integrity will never be witnessed in warfare today. Those who raise allegations against Islam themselves have the worst practices.  

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Huzooraa reminded the listeners to introspect and ask to what extent they fulfil their own covenants. The Holy Prophetsa said that the greatest disregard of a covenant would be if one consorts with his wife and then goes about telling people of his wife’s secrets. Huzooraa said such people do this today as well and share this on social media – Allah will certainly question such people and they should be concerned for themselves. Huzooraa strongly condemned such a practise and expressed that such people incur the wrath of Allah upon themselves.

The Promised Messiahas said as to how fortunate those people are who cleanse their hearts and are faithful to their lord; Allah will never disgrace them as they are from Allah. Huzooraa emphasised that if we have a close connection with Allah, it is only then that we will be able to fulfil our covenants with Allah. We should fulfil our covenants at home and in our businesses as well. As a result, such people shall be under the protection of Allah.

Humility is also a great moral. Referring to the Holy Quran, Huzooraa presented verses in which Allah stresses the importance of humbleness. The Holy Prophetsa once exhorted his Companionsra not to praise him like Christians praised Jesusas – this was the great level of his humility. Writings of the Promised Messiahas were then read out that highlighted the grandeur of the Holy Prophet’ssa humility 

Hazrat Aishara narrates that the Holy Porphetsa would fully take part in household chores to such an extent that he would knead the dough along with his servant. Huzooraa said that today, some men show great arrogance with regard to household chores and they cannot even put clothes in the washing machine, let alone brush the floor. 

Arrogance was discoursed upon. The Promised Messiahas said to reflect upon the success of the Holy Propehetsa and how great those successes were. However, with every success, the Holy Prophetsa grew in meekness.

In another instance, the Promised Messiahas said that one should stay away from arrogance and look towards the great humility mentioned in the Holy Quran about the Holy Prophetsa. The Promised Messiahas referred to a blind person who tried to talk to the Holy Prophetsa but could not; later, the Holy Prophetsa went to his house to meet him.

Prophet Muhammadsa said that none shall reach salvation on account of their deeds alone. The Companionsra enquired “O Prophet of Allah; you as well?” The Holy Prophetsa replied by saying, “Yes me as well. However, Allah will protect me with His mercy.”

Referring to the teachings of the Hoy Prophet Muhammadsa, Huzooraa said that having a balanced life is essential and God should not be forgotten. Fulfil the rights of Allah and when it is required, fulfil the rights of business as well.

Hazrat Bararara narrates that the Holy Prophetsa was the most beautiful in appearance and also had the most beautiful conduct amongst us. The Holy Prophetsa used to pray, “O Allah! As You have made me beautiful, make my morals beautiful as well.”

Another Companionra narrates that he had not seen anyone smile more than the Holy Prophetsa. Another Companionra narrated that the Holy Prophetsa was the most beautiful amongst people when looked at from a distance, and from close up, he had the most beautiful discourse.

If we want to display the greatness of the Holy Prophetsa to the world, it is vital that we adopt his character. 

The Promised Messiahas said that the great morals mentioned in the Holy Quran of the Holy Prophetsa are greater than Hazrat Mosesas a thousand times. Hazrat Amirul Momineenaa continued, profusely, reading out extracts of the Promised Messiahas regarding the majestic nature and morals of the Holy Prophetsa

In the end, Huzooraa prayed that Allah enables us to adopt the great example of the Holy Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him. Hazrat Khalifatul Masih Vaa concluded by leading the audience in silent prayer.

After announcing the attendance figures of not just Jalsa Salana Germany but also Jalsa Salana Canada, who also held their Jalsa during these three days, taraney (choral poems) from various languages were recited before Huzooraa by members from several nationalities.

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