Islamabad emerges victorious in Majlis-e-Sehat UK’s 6th National Basketball Tournament

Mirza Abdul Basit, Sadr Basketball, Majlis-e-Sehat UK

By the grace of Allah, Majlis-e-Sehat UK successfully concluded its 6th National Basketball Tournament. After the Covid-19 pandemic, permission to go ahead with the tournament was given a month prior to the actual event, and an organising committee was established.

In order to prepare for the tournament, a number of departments were asked to provide help, such as ZiafatSami-o-Basari, Baitul Futuh Mosque hospitality, and the Ahmadiyya Muslim Medical Association UK. Letters were sent from Amir Sahib Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya UK to the regional Umara to send their respective teams to the tournament. Eight teams participated in the tournament: Fazl Mosque, Baitul Futuh, Baitul Ehsan, Midlands, Islamabad, TI College Old Boys, PAAMA, and MTA International.

The younger players showed an impressive level of competitiveness in their matches, coupled with a noticeable improvement in their skills compared to previous years. The tournament was better planned and executed in comparison with previous tournaments, and the engagement from those watching the matches as well as those taking part in the tournament grew in comparison to previous years. Alhmadulillah.

The tournament began on 11 February 2023, with the recitation from the Holy Quran, followed by the remarks by Sadr Majlis-e-Sehat. The eight teams were divided into two pools of four teams each, with a total of 12 pool matches played on 11 February.

On 12 February, the semi-finals of the tournament were played. The final match took place between Baitul Futuh and Islamabad, and Islamabad came out victorious and claimed the running trophy this year.

The whole tournament was broadcast live via Majlis-e-Sehat’s social media channels, and live commentary was provided for each match, along with very interesting interviews of former players who had played at the international level for Pakistani teams in the past. Sadran for cricket, volleyball and badminton within Majlis-e-Sehat also showed their support by attending the tournament.

A photo exhibition took place throughout the tournament, showcasing key moments of Jamaat history where Khulafa-e-Ahmadiyyat graced with their presence various sporting events and activities, especially basketball. The photo exhibition shows over 50 years of basketball tradition in the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat.

In addition, the basketball tournament featured two international basketball players, both Ahmadi Muslims, who have represented Pakistani basketball at the international level in the past, namely, Mirza Abdul Basit, and Hafiz Masood.

The final session was presided over by Amir Sahib Jamaat UK, who gave prizes to young stars, the man of the match of those in the semi-finals, referees, those providing commentary and live streaming, as well as those teams that reached the top positions. He thanked all the participants and reminded them that past international players for Pakistan should serve as an inspiration to young Ahmadis playing basketball in the UK and that they too should aim high and try to become players of the highest calibre. Amir Sahib concluded the tournament with silent prayers.

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