Islamic Heritage Month exhibition held in Bradford West

Hira Aftab, Secretary Ishaat, Lajna Imaillah Bradford West, Canada

On 25 October 2023, an exhibition was set up at the Bradford West Gwillimbury Library on the topic of Islamic Heritage Month by Lajna Imaillah Bradford West, Bradford East and Hadeeqa Ahmad.

This exhibition not only included the display of a wide range of books but also showcased Islamic history, facts, its culture and the role played by Muslims in the past and present developments of the world. The main display of the event was the Holy Quran exhibition, where copies of the Holy Quran with translations in more than 75 languages were displayed. Apart from this, photographs of the Promised Messiahas and his Khulafa were also displayed.

This exhibition also highlighted the rights Islam has given to women and what they have achieved in society after gaining their identity. The Muslim scarves for women were on display as well, and they were available for anyone who wanted to try them out and take them for free.

The most fascinating corner of the exhibition was the calligraphic art. There were many beautiful paintings and drawings on display. The visitors were offered the opportunity to experience writing their names using calligraphic techniques. The free book and pamphlet stall and The Review of Religions stall displaying literature and periodicals were other points of interest.

There was a multimedia presentation that focused on Islamic heritage. Numerous invitations were sent out to friends, neighbours, schools, co-workers and offices. Thus, we had almost 30 non-Ahmadi guests visiting our exhibition. The Mayor of Bradford West Gwillimbury, Mr James Leduc, also attended the exhibition.

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