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Jalsa Salana Canada 2016 with the presence of Hazrat Khalifatul Masih V a.a. | alislam.org

The 42nd Jalsa Salana Canada starts today, 6 July, at The International Centre in Mississauga, Ontario. The Jalsa will continue through Sunday, 8 July.

The expected attendance is around 26,000 which comprises Ahmadis from all over Canada. Guests from other countries are also expected to attend. 

Farhan Khokhar Sahib, Naib Amir Jamaat Canada, said, “Speakers are travelling from as far as Pakistan to address the annual Jalsa of Canada Jamaat.”

The Jalsa starts at 12:00 EST today with the repeat of the Friday Sermon delivered earlier today by Hazrat Khalifatul Masih Vaa being played in the Jalsa Gah. This will lead to the formal opening of Jalsa Salana Canada, followed by the first session.

Maulana Mubashar Ahmad Kahlon Sahib will attend Jalsa Canada as Markazi – central – representative and will also speak on the topic of “Jihad Against Innovations and Bad Customs”. 

Malik Lal Khan Sahib, National Amir of Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat in Canada is scheduled to speak on “Blessings of Nizam-e-Jamaat in the Context of Sacrificing Life, Wealth and Honour”. Other speakers include Mubarak Ahmad Nazir Sahib on “Khilafat: The Source of Unification of Mankind”; Hadi Ali Chaudhry Sahib on “The Religious Awakening of the West”; Khalil Ahmad Mubashar Sahib on “Our Wealth and Progeny: Are they a Test?”; Farhan Iqbal Sahib on “Emerging Societal Challenges and their Solutions” and Asif Afzal Khan Sahib on “Hazrat Muhammadsa: Beacon of Absolute Justice”.

Syed Tahir Ahmad Sahib, Additional Nazir Ishaat (MTA Pakistan) is another distinguished speaker who is expected to speak on “The Great Comet of 1882: A Celestial Sign for the Promised Messiahas”.

Other speakers include Afzal Mirza Sahib, Hanan Sobhi Sahib and Tariq Azeem Sahib.

Maulana Mubashar Ahmad Kahlon Sahib will also speak on the last day of Jalsa on the topic of “The Advent of the Promised Messiahas”.

Speaking to Al Hakam, Asef Hadi Sahib, Head of MTA Studios Canada said, “We will be broadcasting the proceedings of Jalsa Salana Canada via web stream. This will include the Jalsa sessions and speeches, but we will also include some studio discussions and short documentaries in between the sessions.”

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