Jalsa Salana Belgium 2018


Friday Sermon 

14 September 2018

Jalsa Salana Belgium 2018

After reciting the Tashahud, Ta‘awuz, and Surah Al-Fatihah, Hazrat Khalifatul Masih Vaa stated:

By the grace of God Almighty, the Jalsa Salana [annual convention] of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in Belgium is starting today. I am participating in your Jalsa after a very long time. The Community here has grown during this period. By the grace of God Almighty, the Jamaat here has expanded like other Jamaats around the world. Many people have also migrated here from Pakistan. Moreover, there has been progress here in many respects, for instance, the number of mission houses has increased and the number of mosques and salat centres has also increased. 

The mosque in Brussels which has been under construction is almost in its final stages of completion. It is a beautiful mosque which is being built. The day before yesterday, I inaugurated another mosque in Alken. God Almighty has granted the Jamaat a very vast site and a building. Thus, we see that God Almighty has evidently bestowed many blessings upon the Jamaat here. 

However, these blessings of God Almighty should develop the realisation amongst the members of the Community that you should improve in your understanding and belief in the commandments of God Almighty and adhering to them, not only in apparent terms but in the true manner. You should not merely improve and then come to a standstill, but rather, your each day and every step, as compared to the past day or the previous step, should progress and move forwards in terms of virtue, righteousness and fulfilling the purpose of the advent of the Promised Messiahas. You should leave behind your vices and should reach new heights in virtues. 

If this became evident amongst the members of the Jamaat, then we could say that we have achieved or are trying to achieve the purpose of the advent of the Promised Messiahas and are trying to do justice to the Bai‘at [pledge of initiation] of the Promised Messiahas

Thus, there is a need to undertake a constant self-analysis, whilst being mindful of these matters. There is a need to pay special heed and make a concerted effort particularly in these developed countries, where, in the name of freedom, people have become neglectful of religious injunctions and the commandments of God Almighty. These countries are at the forefront in considering themselves exempt from all of this and therefore one needs to pay even greater focus and attention to these matters. 

Otherwise, after having migrated to these countries in the name of faith, not prioritising the words of God Almighty and instead devoting ourselves wholly to this world would incur the displeasure of God Almighty upon us. The majority of those who have migrated here have done so in the name of religion. They have come here because they did not enjoy the freedom to adhere to their religion in their own country. Thus, this should always be kept in mind. You have come here in the name of religion and in the name of God Almighty. 

Now, if you did not act upon the commandments of God Almighty, consequently this could incur the displeasure of God Almighty. However, humans are weak. Therefore owing to this weakness, they sometimes incline towards materialistic endeavours. Paying attention to worldly affairs and earning material wealth to an extent is not a sin. However, to be completely engrossed in worldly pursuits like other worldly people has been forbidden by God Almighty. The Promised Messiahas has explained this to us in very clear terms. 

On one occasion, the Promised Messiahas states, “God Almighty has deemed worldly endeavours to be permissible”, i.e. worldly endeavours, activities and engagements are permissible and there is no sin in these matters. “The reason for this is that if these were not permissible, it could become a great trial for people and as a result of this very trial, a person may end up a thief, gambler, swindler, dacoit and adopt all kinds of bad habits.” The Promised Messiahas further states, “However, there is a limit to everything. Engage in worldly endeavours to the extent that they may assist you in religious matters, and the ultimate objective should always be one’s faith.” The Promised Messiahas states, “Thus, we do not forbid one from pursuing worldly endeavours.” Worldly activities are not forbidden. However, the condition is to hold faith as the ultimate objective. Hence, this is the fundamental principal of a religious person, who claims to follow the religion of God Almighty; that you may have worldly pursuits, you may make provisions in order to acquire the essentials for your livelihood, you may earn for the expenditures of your wife and children, you may fulfil your domestic responsibilities and it is necessary to engage in worldly jobs and occupations in order to fulfil the responsibilities you have been entrusted with, however, you should not be engrossed by this engagement, this job and employment to such an extent that you become neglectful towards religion and merely become concerned about the world. You should acquire worldly wealth in accordance with the commandment of God Almighty of fulfilling the rights of your wife and children, in order to fulfil the rights of the creation of God Almighty and in order to serve the religion of God Almighty. If this becomes your objective, you will acquire the worldly material as well as faith. The Promised Messiahas further states, “One should not become engrossed in worldly affairs and endeavours to such an extent that the time for God Almighty is also spent in worldly pursuits.” It should not be the case that instead of fulfilling the rights of God, one spends that time in worldly pursuits. The Promised Messiahas states, “If someone does this, they will be creating means for their own deprivation and a mere claim shall remain on one’s tongue.” (Malfuzat, Vol. 2, p. 73, UK, 1985)

Thus, if you become engrossed in the world, you will become deprived of religion. Furthermore, once you become deprived of religion, your claims of [following a] religion, pledging initiation and believing in God Almighty will be mere claims and will be regarded as nothing more than that. One will be verbally claiming to be an Ahmadi, however, they will be acting in the same manner as others if one is increasingly engrossed in worldly pursuits.

Then, further elaborating on how even when acquiring worldly material one’s actual objective is to attain faith, the Promised Messiahas states, “Islam has forbidden monasticism; this is a cowardly act.” To cut oneself off from the world is not an act of bravery. The Promised Messiahas further states, “The broader the interaction is of a believer with the world, the more it serves as a means of elevating his ranks as his primary objective is religion, and the world and its wealth and splendour act as means of serving religion.” In other words, the world and the respect, status and wealth he has acquired in the world do not serve as a means for a believer to manifest his worldliness. Rather, all of these aspects are subservient to religion. His rank and status benefit religion and his wealth also benefits religion. This is the gist of what the Promised Messiahas has stated. He further states, “Wealth is similar to a carriage, which a person must ride upon in order to reach the loftiest stages of faith. Or it is that provision, which a person takes with him on a journey as a means of convenience and ease. A person rides upon a good carriage and makes provisions of convenience and ease for his journey in order to reach the destination comfortably. Thus, acquire the worldly material in this manner and make it subservient to religion. Do not become subservient to worldly endeavours and subsequently abandon religion.” 

The Promised Messiahas further states, “In the following prayer taught by God Almighty:

رَبَّنَا آتِنَا فِي الدُّنْيَا حَسَنَةً وَفِي الْآخِرَةِ حَسَنَةً

[Our Lord, grant us good in this world as well as good in the world to come,] here also the world has been mentioned first, but which world? He has mentioned:

حَسَنَةُ الدُّنْيَا

i.e. the good of this world has been sought first, which then becomes a means of acquiring good in the world to come as well.” The Promised Messiahas states, “From this prayer we can clearly understand that whilst acquiring the worldly wealth, a believer should be mindful of:

حَسَنَةُ الْآخِرَةِ

i.e., ‘the good of the hereafter’. Furthermore, the words of:

حَسَنَةُ الدُّنْيَا

i.e. ‘the good of this world’ refer to all the best possible means a believer and Muslim should adopt when acquiring the worldly wealth. Acquire the worldly wealth through every means, which attract virtue and goodness and not through such means, which cause harm to others or which become the source of disgrace and shame among fellow human beings. Such worldly wealth most certainly proves to be a source of receiving

حَسَنَةُ الْآخِرَةِ

i.e. good in the world to come.” (Malfuzat, Vol. 2, pp. 91-92, UK, 1985)

Thus, every one of us should strive to acquire such a world, which will become the means of receiving good in the hereafter. We should not become engrossed and lost in the attractions of this world and forget our objective. It should not be the case that rather than acquiring the good of the hereafter, we instead incur the displeasure of God Almighty. 

Furthermore, the attractions and pleasures of this world in fact increase a person in distress and anxiety. A person believes that they can find comfort in the world. However, the fact of the matter is that these are not the means of comfort rather they cause further distress and anxiety.                      

Elaborating on this, the Promised Messiahas states, “Do not believe that apparent wealth, governance, affluence, dignity and a large offspring can become the means of comfort, tranquillity and peace for a person and neither does one become heavenly as a result (i.e. he is not promised or guaranteed paradise).” The Promised Messiahas states, “This is not at all the case. The comfort, reassurance and peace, which are rewards of paradise, cannot be attainted through such means. However, they can be attained through living and dying for the sake of God. In relation to this all prophets, may peace be upon them all, and in particular Abraham and Jacob, may peace be upon them, admonished in the following words: 

فَلَا تَمُوتُنَّ إِلَّا وَأَنْتُمْ مُسْلِمُونَ

That is, ‘So let not death overtake you except when you are in a state of submission’. This means that you should always remain in a state of submission towards God Almighty. A time for death has not been appointed. Do not let death overtake you in a state of disobedience.”

The Promised Messiahas states, “Seeking the pleasures of the world develops a form of impure yearning and avarice which further increases one’s desire for them. Similar to the case of someone who suffers from polydipsia and their thirst is never quenched.” One who suffers from polydipsia, their thirst is never quenched and they continue to drink water until it proves fatal. The Promised Messiahas states, “Thus, the extreme desire for these improper and inappropriate yearnings is also part of the hell-fire, which does not allow the heart of a person to find comfort and peace. As a matter of fact, it keeps it confounded in a state of agitation and anxiety.” The Promised Messiahas continues, “Therefore, this matter should not remain hidden from my friends that the love and passion for wealth, affluence, one’s wife and children should not allow a person to become so absentminded that it creates a barrier between them and God Almighty.” (Malfuzat, Vol. 2, pp.101-102)

In other words, if you become engulfed and engrossed in the world and whatever it contains beyond your needs, then a state develops where one places a barrier between oneself and God Almighty. Neither does a person advance towards God, nor does God descend upon His servant. However, God Almighty has stated that when a person strives to go towards Him, then will God Almighty go towards him. This has also been mentioned in a Hadith [tradition of the Holy Prophetsa] that if a person takes one step towards God Almighty, He will take two steps towards him and if one walks towards God, He will run towards him. (Sahih Al-Bukhari, Kitaab-ul-Tauhid, Hadith no. 7405). 

Thus, if you wish to remove this barrier and obstacle, it can only be achieved by making the world subservient to religion. The Promised Messiahas further states, “This is the very reason wealth and children have also been described as a form of trial for man, as they create an obstacle between man and God.”  

The Promised Messiahas states, “A form of hellfire is prepared for man through these i.e. wealth and children. When one is separated from them one displays restlessness and anxiety.” The Promised Messiahas further states, “The coming together of things and friction with one another creates warmth. If hands are rubbed together, heat is generated and similarly rubbing stones creates warmth. In the same manner when the love of man and the love for the world rub together, the divine love is burnt away”. The love of God will vanish and be burnt away. The Promised Messiahas further states, “Subsequently, the heart becomes dark and distant from God and falls prey to all kinds of idleness.” 

However, the Promised Messiahas stated, “If the love of the world is for the sake of God’s love then one’s attachment to such worldly things will also be for the sake of God – that is because God Almighty has permitted man to be attached to these worldly things to an extent. If one’s love for them is purely for the love of God Almighty, then their friction will burn away the love of all other things besides God. In fact, this friction will illuminate a spiritual light and radiance as a result. Then God’s desire will be his desire and his desire will be the desire of God. Then man accepts this truth and only wants what God desires.” The Promised Messiahas states, “Everything else that man possesses is hellfire. That is to say that a life without God is also a life of hell.” (Malfuzat, Vol. 2, p. 102-103, UK, 1985)

The Promised Messiahas states, “God Almighty desires for you to become a Muslim. The word Muslim refers to complete separation. That is to say that one should wholly incline towards God. Not that one is inclined towards God and when one sees the benefits of the world, one is drawn towards it and forgets God.” The Promised Messiahas states, “By enabling one to become a Muslim, God Almighty has endowed uncountable blessings, but one can only realise this if one reflects and ponders over this.” (Malfuzat, Vol. 2, p. 304, UK, 1985)

As I mentioned, man is weak and sometimes the attractions of the world lure him away. Man often inclines towards the world and becomes unmindful of God Almighty and faith faith, and shows weakness in certain obligations. Also, one does not abide by all the commandments of God Almighty and does not fulfil the due rights of God Almighty. One does not pay due rights to their spouses and towards their children. Domestic issues develop and there are disputes at home; or, one is not honest in their work. Similarly, there are many other issues that can develop, for instance, one forsakes prayers due to work. Thus, God Almighty has made the means for one to be liberated from this weakness. We Ahmadis are very fortunate that we were able to accept the Promised Messiahas, who at every stage has given guidance to safeguard ourselves from going astray. 

Then, upon the command of God Almighty, the Promised Messiahas established the Jalsa where once a year, we gather together to improve in our spirituality. Therefore, all the attendees should keep this purpose in mind that we have to attain the nearness to God Almighty, we must give precedence to faith over the world, and whilst living in this world we should make the world subservient to our faith. You should not have the spirit only within yourself but try to instil it in your children as to what it is that God Almighty desire from us and what the purpose of life is. You should instil this in the hearts of your future progenies that in order to make this world subservient to our faith, we must abide by the commandments of God Almighty. 

In these “latter days”, for our reformation, God Almighty has blessed us by sending the Promised Messiah and Mahdias. After pledging allegiance to him, you should always act according to his instructions because our lives and the lives of our children depend upon this. 

Explaining this purpose, the Promised Messiahas states, “It should become apparent to all those sincere ones who take the Bai‘at that the objective of Bai‘at is that the love of the world diminishes and the love of your Lord and the love of the chosen Prophetsa prevails, and such a state of selflessness is created that the journey of the hereafter does not seem unpleasant.” (Aasmani Faisla, Ruhani Khazain, Vol. 4, p. 351)

Therefore, unless true and complete love for God Almighty and His Messengersa is not established, the love for the world cannot be decreased and nor can man be at peace at the time of one’s death and neither can the anxiety of death be removed. This is the purpose for which God Almighty has established the Jamaat through the Promised Messiahas and enabled us to be a part of it, and it was for this purpose that he took the Bai‘at from us, and also clearly outlined this purpose to all those who took the Bai‘at. If we do not endeavour to achieve that purpose then our pledge of Bai‘at is just a mere claim and we have not truly recognised the Promised Messiahas, nor have we accepted him and are also not fulfilling the due rights of our Bai‘at.  

When Jalsa was first initiated, the Promised Messiahas found out that people were not fulfilling the purpose of the Jalsa and he was extremely displeased, and expressing his displeasure the Promised Messiahas announced that the Jalsa would not be held that year. Therefore, that year the Jalsa was not held. The announcement made by the Promised Messiahas to postpone the Jalsa is such that even today it causes great anxiety in the heart of a sincere Ahmadi, and certainly this should be the condition. The Promised Messiahas states, “The purpose of the Jalsa was so that the members of the Jamaat would undergo a transformation by meeting one another and that their hearts would be completely drawn towards the hereafter and filled with the fear of God; they would become an example for others in righteousness, virtue, fear of God, goodness, soft-heartedness, love and brotherhood; they would develop humility, humbleness and virtue and that they instil a passion for religious works.” (Shahadat-ul-Quran, Ruhani Khazain, Vol. 6, p. 394)

The Promised Messiahas then states, “This Jalsa is not like ordinary gatherings of the world but its establishment is based on having pure intentions and attaining the desired objectives, otherwise it is pointless. (Shahadat-ul-Quran, Ruhani Khazain, Vol. 6, p. 395)

If the intention is not right and it is not bearing any fruit and the purpose for which the Jalsa was established is also not being achieved, then this is useless and there is no benefit of it. The Promised Messiahas stated that by continuously meeting, they should bring about a transformation in themselves. Who is this “meeting” referring to? It is in fact meeting the Promised Messiahas. Thus, if there were people at the time of the Promised Messiahsa who incurred his displeasure, then only God knows best how many people there will be today and their conditions who fall under the category of those at whom the Promised Messiahas expressed his displeasure. Therefore, everyone needs to evaluate themselves; if we are not up to the standards which the Promised Messiahas desired then we do not have the right to attend Jalsa or we should evaluate whether we even deserve to attend Jalsa or not. It should not be simply based on the fact that as we are Ahmadis from birth or have been Ahmadis for many years, or because we are the progeny of revered elders therefore we are attending. If that is the case, then we are not fulfilling the purpose that the Promised Messiahas desired from us. Also, if we have not come with the intention to fulfil this purpose with all our faculties, then attending the Jalsa is the same as attending any other fair. 

The hearts of every sincere Ahmadi should feel anxious after listening to this. Every year annual conventions take place in various countries. I am able to attend some of them in person others I participate through MTA. A lot of you take part in some annual conventions that happen in Europe, and many of you are sitting before me who attend many Jalsas. After attending the UK Jalsa, many people attended Germany Jalsa before arriving here. In every Jalsa, there are discourses and speeches regarding the objectives of Jalsa and also for one’s religious, intellectual and spiritual progress. Many people write to me stating that the atmosphere was very special and they witnessed scenes of spirituality; they saw examples of mutual love and brotherhood. They also write that some guests had travelled with them and they were also very impressed after observing the atmosphere.

Due to all these aspects of Jalsa and after attending more than one Jalsa per year, we should experience a transformation in ourselves. Look at the time of the Promised Messiahas in comparison. He instructed [members of the Jamaat] to attend one Jalsa in order to attain such a righteous change in themselves so that one does not loath the notion of death and special attention is directed towards fulfilling the rights of God Almighty and His Creation. Now consider the present-day circumstances when certain people are able to attend more than one Jalsa a year. You should assess yourselves that how impactful of a change this should bring about. There is no doubt that the one audience with the Promised Messiahas would prove more beneficial than attending several conventions and would bring about a revolution in a person. In any case, that is due to the special status of a prophet. However, nowadays if someone is able to participate in several annual conventions then this should result in a pious change from within. The things mentioned by the Promised Messiahas are repeated even now; his words are repeated even now. Even more important are the words and instructions of the Holy Prophetsa which are mentioned in speeches. Also, the exegesis of the Word of God Almighty is also shared and is of even greater significance. Therefore, if a person has a sincere intention, then the means to obtain a righteous change are available in this day as well. If the Khalifa of the time says something to you, he does so as a representative of the Promised Messiahas. The Promised Messiahas received the glad tidings from God Almighty about the continuation of Khilafat and to remain connected with it and the preservation of the endless blessings of the Promised Messiahas. He shared the glad tidings with us. In fact, the Holy Prophetsa gave this good news to us regarding which the Promised Messiahas stated that the promise of the continuation of the blessings of Khilafat is in relation to you. Therefore, in this regard and availing the opportunity due to the subject matter at present, I would like to direct your attention towards watching MTA (Muslim Television Ahmadiyya). There is a restriction on Jalsas in Pakistan and the Jamaat members there have been deprived of it, but everyone can at least listen to Friday Sermons on a regular basis and watch the proceedings of the annual conventions and also try to adhere to what is said. So this is also a way through which God Almighty has granted a means to overcome that deprivation to a certain extent. Sixty to seventy percent of the longing can be alleviated if one watches and listens to the Jalsa programmes on MTA and strives to obtain benefit from them. If someone truly desires then they can attain a complete 100 percent pious transformation within themselves. 

However, I say to those of you who have migrated to Europe that you are able to attend the annual conventions and some of you are able to attend more than one convention in a year so you should strive to bring about a change in yourselves. This training camp provided by God Almighty will only prove beneficial when you are able to make this world subservient to yourself and obtain a pious change according to the desire of the Promised Messiahas. You should carefully listen to the proceedings of the Jalsa with the intention of acting upon these aspects in order to attain a pious change in yourselves. Whilst directing our attention towards listening to the Jalsa proceedings carefully, the Promised Messiahas states in one place, “Everyone should listen attentively and with great diligence because this is a matter pertaining to faith.” These words of the Promised Messiahas i.e. that this is a matter pertaining to faith should not be taken lightly and this is something to ponder over because this is a matter pertaining to faith. “Laziness, negligence and disregard in this matter can bring about very dreadful consequences. Those who are neglectful in matters of faith and do not pay attention when something is mentioned to them, they do not attain any benefit from the speaker regardless of how good and effective the speaker is. It is regarding such people about whom it can be said that they have ears but they do not listen, and they have hearts but they do not understand anything. So remember to pay attention and listen to what is being mentioned with utmost consideration because those who do not listen carefully cannot attain any benefit, even if they stay in the company of a righteous person for a long time.” (Malfuzat, Vol. 3, pp. 142-143, UK, 1985) 

This is how the Promised Messiahas has admonished those who, despite attending the Jalsa, do not obtain any benefit from it. They raise loud slogans in the praise of God Almighty but this announcement of the greatness of God Almighty dissipates from their hearts and minds after a few moments. Therefore, everyone should assess themselves to see if we are not amongst such people who do not gain any benefit from the Jalsa as mentioned by the Promised Messiahas. When you have arrived here to attend the Jalsa then each participant should take part in the entire programme of the Jalsa. One should sit down patiently and listen to all the speeches and obtain intellectual and practical benefits from what is being said. 

Whilst directing our attention towards listening to the speeches, the Promised Messiahas states: “Everyone should listen carefully! I desire for my Jamaat and myself as well to not appreciate mere outward discourse and verbosity. The entire purpose should not be dependent on the fact that a speaker has delivered an enchanting speech and the words used were powerful.” The Promised Messiahas states that he is not satisfied merely at the eloquence of the speaker, rather he states, “I appreciate if there is no artificiality and formality. My nature desires that every work should be carried out for the sake of God Almighty. Everything being stated should be mentioned for the sake of God.” (Malfuzat, Vol. 1, pp. 398-399, UK, 1985)

“This is one of the main reasons for the decline of Muslims. Otherwise, so many conferences, meetings and congregations are conducted and very famous and eloquent speakers and lecturers attend these events and they deliver their lectures and speeches. The poets conduct gatherings to mourn over the condition of the nation. Why does it not have any effect? Instead of advancing forth, the nation continues to regress.” The Promised Messiahas states, “The main reason is because those who attend such gatherings do not go there with sincerity.” (Malfuzat, Vol. 1, p. 401, UK, 1985)

There is no sincerity. The only thing is the eloquence of the speakers, and the listeners enjoy that but they do not possess any sincerity. 

Thus, such was the heartfelt desire of the Promised Messiahas for his followers in that they should not be merely impressed momentarily by the lecture or by the passion of the speaker, rather they should try and understand the essence of the subject and inculcate that into their lives. If one is to simply forget what is said in the speech the moment they leave the Jalsa Gah [main hall], then this will not lead to progression in their condition rather such an act leads to regression. 

Today, the deplorable and appalling condition of the Muslims is owing to the fact that though they listen to the speeches of prominent speakers but they do not act upon it at all. A nation which does not instil such things into practise can never progress. The condition of the Muslims today testifies to the fact that they are simply limited to speech and put nothing into practise. If they were to adhere to this practically, their condition would not have been like it is today. Therefore, if we have accepted the Promised Messiahas, it is so that we can remove those weaknesses which have taken root in the Muslims, otherwise accepting him is of no benefit. On the one hand, we claim that we are to bring mankind under the flag of the Holy Prophetsa, and yet on the other hand we are being overcome with worldliness and simply attending the Jalsa so that we can meet friends and listen to some proceedings of the Jalsa as well. Indeed, to meet friends is a good thing but this is of secondary importance in relation to the benefits outlined of the Jalsa by the Promised Messiahas. Even then this aspect of meeting friends at the Jalsa is not without purpose; it is so that the bond of brotherhood and love increases for one another and the attention of Ahmadis is drawn towards fulfilling the rights of mankind and the strength and unity of the Jamaat can be observed everywhere. 

Therefore, be mindful of the real objective of coming here. Listen to the proceedings of the Jalsa and act upon it. May God Almighty enable everyone to achieve this objective and may you partake of the blessings of the Jalsa and the prayers of the Promised Messiahas. May you demonstrate to the world the true teachings of Islam through your actions and speech. May the worldly endeavours become of secondary importance for all Ahmadis and the real objective and goal should be their faith and attaining God Almighty’s pleasure. One who is able to understand the true reality of God Almighty’s pleasure is then able to fulfil the rights of God Almighty and His creation, one is able to establish peace, love and brotherhood, which the world today is in dire need of. The disorder and restlessness in the world today can only be removed by bringing mankind towards recognising God and fulfilling the rights of His creation. Today, this is a huge responsibility of an Ahmadi. Thus, each one of you should pay particular attention towards this. 

I will also like to say a few things in relation to the administration of the Jalsa Salana. You should be mindful of the surrounding environment of the venue which has been acquired for this Jalsa. You should not cause any problem for the administration, nor to the neighbours when leaving. You should be particularly mindful of this because non-Muslims will only learn of the true image of Islam when they see how Ahmadis show consideration for their neighbours and adhere to the law, and despite being gathered here in such large numbers, they are not being a cause for any concern. In fact, the administration of the Jalsa should be particularly mindful of this and make necessary arrangements. Even though the attendance at this Jalsa is comparatively less than the Jalsas of other countries, in fact, the Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya Ijtema of certain countries, which have large Jamaats, has more attendance. However, in view of the total number of Ahmadis here and the provisions of their arrangements, this is quite a significant number. 

Then, one of the main objectives during the days of the Jalsa is to remain engaged in prayers. You should be mindful of this and continue reciting durood [invoking salutations upon the Holy Prophetsa] and remain preoccupied in the remembrance of God Almighty. During the times of prayer, if prayers are being offered here or at the mission house, ensure that you come on time. I have particularly noticed for the last two days that people arrive late for prayer in the mission house and then they hurriedly walk, subsequently creating a lot of noise due to the wooden flooring. Therefore, they should come early so that they do not cause disturbance to people praying. As I have mentioned previously, carefully listen to the speeches of the Jalsa and make particular arrangements to ensure that you attend every programme of the Jalsa and listen to all the speeches because it is only then that you can train your children and future progenies and instil the importance of the Jalsa and listening to the speeches. Therefore, pay particular attention to this. At times, certain disturbances develop at Jalsa because people are harbouring malice and enmity with others and when they come together here those enmities are rekindled. Therefore one should make an effort to keep the atmosphere pure so that no one’s sentiments are hurt; this will not leave a wrong impression on anyone. I do not know whether the administration has made preparations for the food in view of the attendance here. They would have made arrangements indeed but if there are any shortcomings then you should exhibit patience; Insha-Allah [God willing] the arrangements will be made but you should give them some time. I believe that this is the first time after many years the administration has made arrangements for such a large number. May God Almighty bless this Jalsa in every respect. And, as I have mentioned, everyone during the days of the Jalsa should remain engaged in prayers and pay attention towards their Salat. May God Almighty enable you to become the recipients of the Promised Messiah’sas prayers.  

(Translated by The Review of Religions)

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