Jalsa Update


Imam Ataul Mujeeb Rashed

Afsar Jalsa Gah

The arrangements of Jalsa Gah have been going on for several months. After the approval of various volunteers in different departments, they have been holding meetings on a regular basis.

Big marquees for men and ladies have been arranged. The Jalsa Salana stage design is being finalised and will be ready soon.

The Jalsa programme for the three days has been finalised and will be printed within a week.

A Jalsa Gah detailed site map is ready – one new nizamat for cleanliness of Jalsa Gah has been established this year. 

The translation arrangements are in place, we hope to include two new languages for translation this year.

Sami Basri department is finalising their arrangements.

The ticketing department is ready to start issuing tickets for various areas in the Jalsa Gah. 

We request prayers for all arrangements to go smoothly by the grace of Allah. 

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