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Mochamad Fahrizal

Student of Jamia Ahmadiyya Indonesia

Saturday afternoon, on 1 September 2018, Jamia Ahmadiyya Indonesia held its annual sports event, namely Jamia Sport Competition 2018 (PORJAM). 

All lecturers and students attended to enliven the opening ceremony which was directly presided by Maulana Usama Ibnu Hasan. It began with the recitation of the Holy Quran, after which the Jamia Principal, Maulana Sayuti Aziz Ahmad delivered a heartfelt speech:

He explored the profound meaning of what the Holy Prophetsa said regarding the strong believer being better than the weak believer. He explained that the happiness and success of a servant are obviously determined by their enthusiasm and sincerity to do every beneficial thing, both for material and spiritual affairs, and also their state of humility to supplicate before the Almighty God for His succour. When these two elements have been fulfilled, it will be their success. But anyone who fails to pay due attention to this, even a bit, will lose all goodness therein.

Following his address, the principal led prayer to open this event.

PORJAM becomes a competition arena for all students in sport. Maulana Usama Ibnu Hasan said “Many missionaries in their practical lives build relationship with people through sports, so that is why it is important for Jamia students to have sports [events].”

All students were devided into their four groups, i.e. Amanat, Diyanat, Rafaqat and Sadaqat and participated in multiple games: football, futsal, volleyball, basketball, badminton, sepak takraw (foot volleyball), sprint 100m, marathon, swimming and table tennis.

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