Kenya Ansarullah hold national tilawat competition


Tahir Ahmad Machengo, Kenya Correspondent

On 20 December 2020, Majlis Ansarullah Kenya held their first virtual tilawat competition. 

After the first round of the competition, 10 Ansar from various regions of the country made it for the finals. In this competition, the last seven verses of Surah al-Hashr (Ch.59: V.19-25) were recited. 

The competition was hosted by Abdul Aziz Gakuria Sahib, Naib Sadr Saff-e-Daum, Majlis Ansarullah Kenya. 

The panel of judges included three missionaries, Afzal Zafar Sahib, Faheem Ahmad Lakhan Sahib and Malik Basharat Sahib. 

Finalists were asked to recite selected verses from the Holy Quran and thereafter, one of the judges would express his thoughts and corrections too where necessary. 

At the end of the competition, each judge was given five minutes to talk about the importance of the rules and regulations of and blessings of reciting the Holy Quran. They further expressed their thoughts and suggestions about the competition. 

Sameer Ahmad Sheikh Sahib, Sadr Majlis Ansarullah Kenya, then expressed his gratitude to all the participants, judges, organisers and listeners who took part in this blessed event. 

He announced the winners and informed that all the participants would also receive a copy of the Holy Quran as a gift and urged them to recite it on a daily basis.   

At the end, Tariq Mahmood Zafar Sahib, Amir and Missionary-in-Charge Jamaat Kenya, delivered his concluding speech on the importance of the study of the Holy Quran and its benefits.

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