Kenya Peace Symposium Lauded


AMJ Kenya

Nasir Mehmood Tahir

Nakuru, Kenya


On 7 July 2018, the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat of Nakuru, Kenya had the honour of holding its first Peace Symposium at Ahmadiyya Mubarak Mosque.

The programme was attended by 65 guests, among whom 40 were non-Ahmadi dignitaries. In attendance were well-known Kenyan politicians, religious leaders, government officials, senior army officers, well-known businessmen, principals, teachers, doctors and many others.

Among the guests were also two Egyptian doctors, a Buddhist lady from Japan, as well as representatives of Shia, Sunni and Bahai sects.

Hon Koigi Wa Wamwere, well-known Kenyan politician, human rights activist, journalist and author of multiple famous books in Kenya, in his speech said that peace was a crop that needed weeding and watering again and again, and the symposium arranged by the Jamaat was an event of weeding and watering the crop of peace. He went on by saying, “I am very glad to be part of this symposium. Equality and freedom is a basic right for all us human beings.”

Hon Muhayudin Sambul, Kadhi for Kericho and Bomet counties, in his remarks appreciated this effort of the Jamaat and thanked the Jamaat for bringing to one table people of different ethnicities, religions and nations to promote peace and harmony between all. He further said, “I have been to Pakistan and I know very well the persecution the Jamaat is facing there, as well as in Indonesia and other places in the world, but I hereby assure you that you are free here to preach and worship your faith. My well wishes and sympathies are always with the Jamaat.”

AMJ Kenya

Hon Hassan Ali Noor, vice chairman Interfaith Council, Central Rift Valley, expressed his gratitude to the community for holding such a peace symposium and promoting peace and harmony in the society.

A well-known Egyptian, Dr Mustafa, expressed his thanks for inviting him and said, “If I was not able to attend this peace symposium I would have regretted it much, but I feel lucky enough to be here today.”

A Japanese lady, Madam Shikoo, who belongs to the Buddhist religion was also invited. She showed her gratitude to the Jamaat and said, “I knew nothing about Islam but [after] the Ahmadiyya Jamaat’s missionary contacted me, now I can say I know Islam, and especially from today’s event, I have learnt a lot. Such programmes should be held regularly.”

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