Kosovo Jamaat and Humanity First distribute 300 gift packages to children in need


Jinahuddin Saif, President Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya Kosovo


The Directorate of Social Welfare of the Municipality of Prishtina has continuously taken care of social cases and families in need and the poor. One such category of the poor are children who go out and beg on the streets and who, in the absence of education, do not have a secure future. 

On 23 December 2021, upon an official request from the Municipality of Prishtina, Humanity First distributed 100 gift packages to the children at the daycare centre for children “Terre des hommes Kosovo” in Prishtina. 

On behalf of the Municipality of Prishtina, Mr Premtim N Fazliu who is the project coordinator at the Directorate of Social Welfare said: 

“Based on a donation from Humanity First, we are distributing 100 gift packages for children who attend the daycare centre for children in street situations. This donation with gift packages, more than material value, expresses or presents solidarity, equality and care for children who live on the streets. I take this opportunity to thank Humanity First on behalf of the Municipality of Prishtina for this charity gesture and I hope that next year our cooperation will deepen even more. Thank you very much once again.”

The coordinator of the daycare centre “Terre des hommes Kosovo”, Mrs Egzona Gashi said:

“Today the children of the centre gladly received gifts from the Humanity First organisation which made our children happy. We thank them on behalf of the children […] We hope to continue with good cooperation in the future with this organisation.”

The next day, on 24 December 2021, the aid caravan of Humanity First stopped in the village of Gllogjan, at the Primary School “Heronjtë e Dukagjinit (Heroes of Dukagjini)”. A month ago, in this village, a tragedy occurred where a gunman attacked a bus full of students, killing three students, two of them from this school. 

In cooperation with the Mayor of Deçan, Mr Bashkim Ramosaj, who has expressed the request to make these students happy and to remove the trauma caused by this tragic event, Humanity First has distributed 300 packages with gifts for the children of this primary school. 

While receiving the gifts, in front of his municipal staff, school teachers, school staff and pupils, the Mayor of Deçan, Mr Bashkim Ramosaj said: 

“On behalf of myself, my collaborators, the citizens of the Municipality of Deçan, I would like to thank the representatives of Humanity First, also for the expression that we need very much at this time, ‘Love for All, Hatred for None’. The challenges that we have gone through as a municipality have not been very easy since the occurrence of the pandemic and even before its occurrence […] We have had great support from this organization […] for which I am grateful.”

In addition, the Mayor of Deçan through his social network has openly expressed his gratitude to Humanity First for the continuous help and support.

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