Lajna amila Finland elated after meeting Hazrat Amirul Momineen


Rehana Kokab, Sadr Lajna Imaillah Finland

The national amila of Lajna Imaillah Finland had the opportunity to have their first-ever virtual meeting with Hazrat Amirul Momineenaa on 18 September 2021. The amila members were located at the Helsinki Mission House, Finland.

The desire to meet Hazrat Khalifatul Masihaa resides in every Ahmadi’s heart, but where the pandemic has put a temporary stop to these meetings, it taught us a new way in the shape of virtual meetings.

The national majlis-e-amila of Lajna Imaillah Finland had requested a meeting with Huzooraa last year, but the date of the meeting could not be decided due to the restriction on gatherings of more than 10 people in Finland. As soon as the national restrictions were lifted, a request was made again for a virtual meeting with Huzooraa, which was kindly approved by Huzooraa on 15 July 2021, and the date of 18 September 2021 was approved. 

The news of the approval filled everyone with joy as well as concern. On the one hand was the joy of meeting our beloved master, and on the other, the thought of how we would be able to present ourselves in front of Huzooraa.

I conveyed the good news to everyone by convening a meeting of the national majlis-e-amila and requested them to pray for the success of this meeting, give sadaqah and recite istighfar and durood sharif, as much as possible. I also requested the amila members to prepare all the statistics related to their departments, full performance reports for the current year and their planning for the next six months so that if, during the meeting, Huzooraa enquired, all the details could be available.

After the preparation of the report of each department, myself and Vice President, Aafia Musawer Sahiba, held several meetings with all the members and made preparations for their meeting.

For this meeting, the preparation of the venue and the audio and video arrangements were also very important. As this was the first online meeting in Finland, it was a brand new experience for us. The Sami-o-basri (audio and video) department made special arrangements for this meeting. 

New equipment was acquired, and preparations were made under the guidance of the MTA International team so that the quality of the audio and video would not be compromised. 

It was decided to hold the meeting at the Salat centre in Helsinki. Since our beloved Huzooraa was going to see us at this place, we had a heartfelt desire to decorate the place as beautifully as we could. All the arrangements were reviewed several times last week under the guidance of MTA and necessary changes were made. In this regard, the National President of Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya Finland, Ata ul Ghalib Sahib and the sami-o-basri team fully cooperated.

Finally, after a long wait, the blessed day dawned when we were to have a glimpse of our dearest Huzooraa. All the amila members gathered in the morning at the Salat centre. Breakfast was arranged on the day of the meeting by the ziafat department. All members were ready for the final testing after breakfast. While waiting, everyone was constantly engaged in istighfardurood sharif  and prayers.

When Huzooraa appeared on the screen, all the members stood up and conveyed their salaam. The whole atmosphere shone with the radiant face of Huzooraa. The whole hall was enchanted in such a way that it cannot be described in words.

The meeting, which lasted for an hour, felt as if it had ended in the blink of an eye. 

After the meeting, everyone thanked Allah the Almighty with fervent emotions, Who had enabled us to witness the day when we had the opportunity to meet our dear Huzooraa for the first time in our country Finland, alhamdulillah.

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Below are the impressions of the participants:

Afia Musawer, Naiba Sadr and Secretary Tabligh, said:

“I feel blessed to have been part of this mulaqat, graced by beloved Huzooraa and motivated to spread the message of Islam Ahmadiyyat in Finland as instructed by Huzooraa. Huzoor’s love and affection will always be cherished”.

Iffat Saeed, General Secretary, said:

“The mulaqat was beneficial for us as there is room for improvement in the various departments and we realised that we have to work harder and increase our efforts. After receiving guidelines for my department from beloved Huzooraa, I will try to improve, insha-Allah

“Being in the presence of Huzooraa made me feel joy and peace, and the nervousness and worry that was there before the mulaqat vanished completely. The one hour did not feel long; rather, it seemed to have passed within a few moments.”

Munazza Zafar, Naiba General Secretary and National Muhasibah Maal, said:

Alhamdulillah, it was the first time I got an opportunity to meet with beloved Huzooraa. This blessed meeting was refreshing […] I cannot express my feelings and emotions in words. I will cherish these moments and feelings for the rest of my life. The anxiety before the meeting changed with peace with Huzoor’saa presence.”

Kanza Mahmood, Secretary Talim, said:

“It is a special favour of Allah that we were granted the opportunity to spend some time with beloved Huzooraa. Prior to the meeting, there was stress and fear as to how everything would happen. But when we saw Huzoor’saa radiant face on the screen, a wave of joy overtook us. 

“After getting guidance from Huzooraa, I felt like acting upon his instructions all at once. May Allah enable us to perform our duties in the best possible way. Amin”.

Alia Kanwal, Secretary Tarbiyat, said:

“The meeting with beloved Huzooraa was very beneficial. I will strive to accomplish the instructions which Huzooraa gave about offering prayers more than before, insha-Allah. I pray to Allah that He may now enable me to perform my duties in a much better way. Prior to this meeting, I was praying to Allah to cover up our shortcomings and empower us to conduct every commandment of Huzooraa in the best possible manner.”

Sara Sadaf Umair, Secretary Nau-Mubai‘at, said:

“In Pakistan, we always used to watch such mulaqats with deep desire to meet Huzooraa; we wondered if we could ever have such a meeting with our spiritual father. But now, alhamdulillah, Allah the Almighty has blessed us, so much so that it cannot be described in words.”

Durdana Tooba, Secretary Khidmat-e-Khalq, said:

“I spoke with Huzooraa for the very first time. I have no words to express those feelings I had after the mulaqat. We have witnessed a glimpse of nur  [light] with our eyes. While sitting under the shelter of Khilafat, I felt there is a hand over our heads that protects us from every evil.”

Sadia Shahzad, Secretary Maal and Muawina Wasaya, said:

“By the grace of Allah, I had the opportunity of meeting Huzooraa virtually for the very first time. Before the mulaqat, I was quite worried and nervous but as soon as Huzooraa graced the meeting, I felt an instant sense of calm. I thank Allah for giving me this opportunity to meet beloved Huzooraa.”

Sadia Mubashira, Secretary Nasirat, said:

“It was my first mulaqat with Huzooraa. Upon seeing Huzoor’s radiant face, my heart was very satisfied and I do not know how the hour passed. On the question asked about purdah, Huzooraa very kindly provided guidance on it and told us how we can bring improvement in Nasirat’s purdah.”

Farzana Qayyum, Secretary San‘at-o-Dastkari, said:

“I was feeling nervousness before the meeting, but when I caught sight of the smiling face of beloved Huzooraa, I felt delight and it settled my heart with calmness. Hazrat Amirul Momineenaa directed us very constructively to carry out our responsibilities in a better way. All amila members enjoyed Huzoor’saa sense of humour too. Everyone was relaxed after the meeting and were thankful that Allah had granted them the opportunity of the meeting”.

Faiza Bushra, Secretary Ishaat, said:

“I was very anxious before meeting with beloved Huzooraa […] I was praying to Allah that he cover us all and dismiss all our shortcomings and weaknesses. As soon as the meeting started and upon seeing Huzoor’s blessed face, all the anxiousness went away, alhamdulillah. Huzooraa gave precious instructions regarding the improvements to be made in the department of Isha‘at.”

Samara Ghalib, Secretary Tajnid, said:

“The mulaqat moved me to introspect where I stand in prioritising religion over worldly matters and be mindful of a deep connection with the Creator, Allah the Almighty. I would actually call this meeting a ‘meeting with our spiritual father’. Huzooraa lightened up the mood for everyone. In a nutshell, the experience of meeting Huzooraa was very pleasant.”

Naseem Akhter, Secretary Ziafat, said: 

“This was a very beautiful event in my life, by the grace of Allah, to see and talk to Huzooraa from so near. I had a very strange feeling before Huzooraa arrived. My whole body was shivering, but as soon as Huzooraa arrived, I was completely calm. The hour in Huzoor’saa company passed so quickly. My heart wanted Huzooraa to remain in front of us and we remain seated in the direct shadow of Khilafat.”

Arooba Naseem, Secretary Waqf-e-Jadid and Tahrik-e-Jadid, said:

“When Huzooraa appeared on the screen, we all stood up and he answered our salaam. I cannot express my feelings at that time. There were tears in my eyes and the surrounding environment was peaceful and very different and I was immensely happy. In my turn, I was trembling and unable to hold the microphone, but Huzooraa instructed so passionately, that all fear was gone and my heart was very calm, alhamdulillah. This day will be the most important and memorable day of my whole life.”

Shaina Gull, Secretary Sehat-e-Jismani, said:

“The guidance that Huzooraa graciously granted to the tarbiyat department is not only beneficial for the Jamaat, but also very beneficial on a personal level and a blessing for our daily lives and a guiding light. I was praying fervently that we are able to present something which was worthy of Huzoor’s time. The moment I saw Huzooraa, I felt peace and a sense of closeness, alhamdulillah.”

Sidra Shaukat, Secretary Umur-e-Talibat, said:

“Getting the chance to sit in the online mulaqat with Huzooraa is no less than a miracle in my life. During the whole mulaqat, my heart was filled with gratitude to the Almighty Allah. The invaluable guidance of Huzooraa has revived my spirit to being a waqifa for the service of the Jamaat. After the mulaqat, as the emotions of happiness were on a high, the sense of fulfilling our responsibilities even more than before also heightened.”

Mubarika Zia, Muawina Sadr for Rishta Nata, said:

“Since I had heard of this meeting with Huzooraa, I was very happy but also concerned about my weaknesses, and prayed that Allah made everything right for me […] The moment beloved Huzooraa came and said, ‘Assalamu alaikum’, I felt a feeling of happiness and peace like there was an army of angels. The whole atmosphere was filled with peace and happiness. It seemed our prayers were heard. We were collecting blessings and benedictions. Huzooraa talked so affectionately that all fear was gone.”

Hamda Jaree, Muawina Sadr for Waqf-e-Nau, said:

“I felt extreme joy after meeting Huzooraa. All of Huzoor’s instructions are a source of reviving our faith. After the meeting, I felt very emotional and overwhelmed with joy. I realised that there are plenty of things that we need to act upon and that we can achieve them.”

Samra Munir, said:

“Meeting with beloved Huzooraa was full of blessings and nur. My heart was full of joy and happiness and my eyes were full of tears. It was a strange feeling that cannot be expressed in words. I am really blessed and honoured to have been part of this meeting.”

Mehak Chaudhry said:

“I had the opportunity to record the meeting behind the camera. I was not able to see Huzooraa, but the passionate and loving voice of beloved Huzooraa created different unexplainable scenes for my eyes. This day was the greatest day of my life. I shall follow the guidance of Huzooraa in my life, insha-Allah.

Nida ur Rehman, said:

“I feel blessed to have been given the opportunity of being in the presence of beloved Huzooraaalhamdulillah. I feel that I am very lucky for that and that I had been given this time for learning, gaining my knowledge and becoming a better person and to serve the Jamaat and become a better waqifa-e-nau.”

Aysha Qayyum, said:

“At first, I felt anxious and nervous and when it was my turn, I felt like I forgot everything, but after talking to Huzooraa, I was really happy.”

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