Lajna Imaillah Belize brings holiday cheer to underprivileged children

Stephen Ata’ul Haq Gabb, Missionary, Belize

Lajna Imaillah Belize devised a plan to help the underprivileged people in the areas of the city of Belize in which families cannot afford to purchase gifts for their children. These families are some of the poorest in the country, and the location in the city is called the “Southside”. The people of this part of the country are truly neglected, and some are not guaranteed to see the next day due to rampant gang violence occurring daily.

This initiative is not unique; however, what is unique about it is that it does not require those given charity to join the community. The thought of being served without the intention of recruitment is quite foreign to the people.

Small gift bags were made and distributed to struggling families, so that children could enjoy small toys while also benefiting from school supplies. The packages included a variety of different toys, games, and puzzles, along with writing utensils and notebooks. Along with the mentioned items, small treats and a card were also added to the packages.

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