Lajna Imaillah Mauritius holds interfaith events on Eid-ul-Fitr

Nushreen Jamal Ahmad, Sadr Lajna Imaillah Mauritius

Eid-ul-Fitr is the perfect occasion to bring together our sisters of all faiths; from our friends, colleagues, neighbours, faith and civic leaders, representatives of municipal and village councils to parliamentarians, 432 non-Ahmadi ladies attended Eid events held across the island from 30 April to 6 May 2023.

The events commenced with the recitation from the Holy Quran, followed by addresses from various guests and a speech on “Service to Humanity: A Form of Worship”. After this, short videos were played from the virtual mulaqats with Hazrat Khalifatul Masih Vaa. After the formal programme, lunch was served to the guests. A copy of our magazine, Najm us Saqib was then gifted to the attendees.

Mrs Mandevi Ramasawmy, President of a Tamil Temple, praised the fact that Ahmadis expect nothing in return for whatever good they might accomplish.

Many ladies in attendance were surprised to see Muslim women, while observing their purdah, handle the organisation of such an event from beginning to end. This certainly helps to clarify some of the stereotypes about Muslim women and their role in society.

Mrs Maya Hanoomanjee, who served our country as former Minister of Health and speaker of the National Assembly, writes:

“Your association is very dynamic. The organisation today was perfect. I spent a most pleasurable moment with you all. I will be at your service any time you need me”.

Many guests in attendance, such as the Honourable Ms Naveena Ramyad, Chief Government Whip, were thankful for the warm welcome, the food served and above all, the smile of our Lajna members.

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