Lajna USA delighted at successful waqifaat mulaqat

Dhiya Tahira Bakr, Sadr Lajna Imaillah USA

On 28 May 2022, 106 Waqifaat-e-Nau from 33 majalis of USA were blessed to have the opportunity of meeting with Hazrat Khalifatul Masih Vaa virtually at Baitur Rahman Mosque in Maryland.

In October 2021, news that the national Waqf-e-Nau department was going to request a virtual mulaqat with beloved Huzooraa was shared in the USA National Core Committee’s meeting by the national secretary waqifaat-e-nau USA. Therefore, a planning committee was established. This was going to be a prestigious and historic event as it was the very first virtual mulaqat for the waqifaat-e-nau of Jamaat USA. 

The overall planning was carried out under the guidance of the Waqf-e-Nau department and my humble self. 

In April, after receiving the confirmed date of the mulaqat, many urgent meetings were held to finalise all aspects of this prestigious event. 

Most guests arrived at Baitur Rahman Mosque on 27 May 2022 and a meeting regarding the mulaqat took place in the evening that same day. The mulaqat hall setup was done by the MTA USA team with lighting, banners, cameras and mics in places. The waqifaat lined up outside the hall and as they walked into the hall, they were told of their seating arrangements and guidelines were given.

MTA International USA facilitated the live link with the London Studios and a quick video test with the team in London took place on the morning of the mulaqat before we went live. 

28 May 2022 was a very blessed day for all the 106 waqifaat who attended from 33 local chapters of USA. They were very fortunate to have had the chance to meet beloved Huzooraa virtually and ask many questions that were on their minds, which beloved Huzooraa graciously answered.

Below are some impressions from the organising team and waqifaat-e-nau:

Amna Ahmad Sahiba said:

“These few months of planning and preparation, making sure that all grounds have been covered, praying constantly, so that the programme with Huzooraa goes smoothly can be likened to the excitement one has when preparing for Eid. When we were able to hear Huzoor’s voice, those 55 minutes passed by so quickly almost like the day of Eid has come to an end. The only way of overcoming this feeling is the anticipation of the next Eid and the only thing that helps us overcome this feeling is the anticipation of meeting with our beloved Huzooraa next time, insha-Allah.”

Nudrat A Qureshi Sahiba said:

“I am grateful to Allah the Almighty and humbled for this opportunity to serve in the preparation for the waqifaat-e-nau virtual mulaqat. […] The day of the mulaqat was full of excitement as well as worry that may Allah the Almighty give us all the ability to complete the work assigned in the best manner. When I heard Huzooraa say ‘Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah’, all the worries were gone. […] I can only describe it as a sense of peace and tranquility. Alhamdulillah, I was awed by how our beloved Huzooraa responded to and connected to each waqifa-e-nau, no matter what the topic of the question was.”

Salima Malik Ahmad Sahiba said:

“My heart is filled with gratitude to the Almighty Allah and I pray that all these waqifaat who have listened to their Imamaa, will adopt the guidance in their lives.”

Sarah Malik Sahiba, Sadr Lajna Imaillah Maryland, said:

Alhamdulillah, Lajna Imaillah Maryland was blessed with the opportunity to host the first waqifaat-e-nau USA virtual mulaqat with beloved Huzooraa. We were excited for all the waqifaat-e-nau travelling from all over the United States to join in this blessed event. It was the first time after the start of the pandemic where we hosted overnight Lajna guests in our prayer hall.”

Sabiha Qureshi Sahiba, Regional Sadr (Central North) said: 

“The atmosphere was spiritually charged. The participants were all cooperative and obedient. Their beings adorned with similar garbs created quite a beautiful scene. […]”

Tamseela Mudassar Sahiba said:

“This was the first experience in my life to meet Huzooraa live. I came here as a refugee right after Huzooraa came in 2018, and missed the opportunity to meet him. When I saw Huzooraa for the first time in the mulaqat, I cried with tears and felt like my faith became stronger than ever before and felt so blessed to see Huzooraa.”

Saana Nazir Sahiba said:

“It was a really nice experience and very spiritually enlightening […] I don’t think I have ever been in a group setting that has been more connected before. Everyone was attentive and enamoured by Huzoor’saa presence. Everyone was really grateful that he made time for us, despite his busy schedule.”

Khafia Shanzey Choudhry Sahiba said:

“I truly felt whole again after seeing Huzooraa and all the other waqifaat-e-nau in one place. It truly felt special and the atmosphere was so full of excitement. I feel that this mulaqat has revived our spirits and energised us to continue focusing on improving ourselves and our faith. […] Huzoor’s words and presence has given me newfound motivation to be passionate and strong in the face of an ever degrading and immoral world.”

Adeen Ahmad Sahiba said:

“I felt really comforted by Huzoor’s presence and his words. There were some questions that were asked that were on my mind as well and Huzoor’s responses to them really helped sort out any confusion I had. Also with everything that is currently going on in our country, it was reassuring to see Huzooraa and his calming appearance.”

Numana Luqman Sahiba expressed:

“The virtual mulaqat with Huzooraa was an enlightening experience as I, along with all other waqifaat-e-nau present, had the opportunity to not only meet Huzooraa, but to witness just how much hard work and dedication is required behind the scenes. […] As a waqifa-e-nau from a small jamaat, it was also nice to meet other waqifaat-e-nau. I instantly felt a bond between them as we all had a shared purpose.”

Syeda Sabahat Sahiba expressed:

“I felt very happy and grateful at the mulaqat. I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen because I wanted to remember every moment with beloved Huzooraa. I am beyond grateful I was able to ask my question and speak to Huzooraaalhamdulillah.”

Afshan Mian Sahiba said:

“The mulaqat was very nice. It was a great blessing to be in the presence of Huzooraa, and was a very inspiring and educational experience. I am grateful for the opportunity. I think the questions were very good. The event was nicely organised and well planned.”

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