Local Politicians Visit Denmark Mosque


Naimatullah Basharat

Denmark Correspondent 

On Thursday, 13 December 2018, a group of central and local politicians visited Baitul Hamd Mosque, Nakskov, Denmark. 

Mr Daniel Toft Jacobsen, a member of parliament was chief guest while Mr Kasper Roug, Vice Mayor of Lolland Council, Remzi Grepi, President Integration Committee and Muj Barish, member of Lolland Counsil were assisting him. 

The delegation was accompanied by journalists and photographer from local newspapers who covered the whole gathering.

The purpose of visiting our mosque was to increase inter-religious harmony, clarification of certain myths and beliefs regarding Muslims, and especially the role of Jamaat-e-Ahmaydiyya in the current era. 

Upon arrival, a warm welcome was given by the local missionary of the Jamaat, Naimatullah Basharat. Later on, the delegation was given a brief overview of Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya and its history in Denmark. Thereafter, the guests were taken into the prayer hall where Jamaat books, placards and pamphlets were displayed in the Danish language.

A brief and comprehensive lecture was given to the delegation with questions and answers following the speech. The delegation mainly asked questions about the role of Muslims in society, Islamic beliefs and practices such as fasting in Ramadan. The local politicians appreciated the Jamaat’s positive role to hold dialogue with other religious and social leaders. 

After the formal proceedings, the guests had the chance to dine with the hosts. At the dining table, many questions were asked by the delegation and they were answered in detail accordingly.

Gifts of the Holy Quran and Jamaat Books were presented to guests on their departure.

The local newspaper Folketidende published a brief report with photos about this visit. 

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