MTA Ghana team blessed and motivated following virtual meeting with Huzoor


Hafiz Ismaeel Ahmad Adusei, Co-ordinator MTA International Ghana Studios

On 20 March 2021, staff and volunteers of MTA International’s Wahab Adam Studio in Ghana, along with the Director, Umar Safir Sahib, were blessed with the opportunity of meeting Hazrat Amirul Momineen, Khalifatul Masih V, may Allah be his Helper, in a virtual mulaqat.

Some impressions of the participants are as following:

Hanif Bepuah Sahib, MTA representative, Kumasi, said: 

“I feel very spiritually awoken and alive by the humility and friendliness of our beloved Huzooraa. I can imagine that a lot is expected of us as volunteers so that MTA Ghana can make giant progress with programming. I learnt that Huzooraa has a lot of concern for us individually, but he loves Ghana particularly.”

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Salmana Mehmood Sahiba, a volunteer in scheduling, said:

“I feel honoured and blessed to be part of this historic meeting and be able to talk to Huzooraa. It has built a new spirit of working harder in MTA.

Fatiha Arthur Sahib, Lajna Department, said:

“I was very excited to meet and speak to Huzooraa for the first time and I learnt that I have to do my work well so that next time, insha-Allah, I can give a better report. It was a very educative meeting.” 

Saeed Fadlulahi Froko Sahib, Producer of Journey to Islam and Story Time with Kids and Presenter of Real Talk Africa, said:

“It was a blessed experience having an interaction with Huzooraa. I have always longed for such an experience and I thank God today for providing me with the opportunity of having an interaction with Huzooraa through MTA Africa. The beautiful directives and guidance he gave me were heavenly and I believe firmly that going by that, the various programmes I produce at MTA Africa will gain a lot of improvement.”

Abdul Moomen Muslim Sahib, a volunteer and presenter of Inspirational Africans and Story Time for Kids, said:

“It was an honour to be part of the mulaqat and to interact with Huzooraa. His Holiness was very kind, friendly and sociable with all of us. This helped to ease whatever tension we might have been feeling and made the interaction very natural. 

“He was kind enough to engage with everybody as we introduced ourselves and he offered useful guidance to help make our work more successful. Among other things, Huzooraa challenged us not to let Covid-19 affect the delivery of our targets and that we should find ways to deliver on the needed productions. Huzooraa showed a lot of interest in the Story Time for Kids programme and encouraged us to do more around such programming so the younger generation would have good Islamic content to watch. Once again, I am grateful for the opportunity.”

Amtul Muhaimin Andoh Sahiba, a volunteer in scheduling, said:

“I was very happy to be a part of the event. It was a great opportunity to be able to talk to Huzooraa. I wish for this opportunity again.”

Muhammad Ofosu Sahib, receptionist, said:

Alhamdulillahi Rabbil-Alamin! I really appreciate the time our beloved Huzooraa gave to us […] The guidance and instructions we had regarding uplifting our work was a wake-up call for me to do more to achieve more. It is my utmost prayer that God Almighty grants our beloved Khalifa good health and a long life and wisdom to govern the institution of Khilafat as ordained by Allah Himself. Alhamdulillah, six non-Ahmadi Muslims have decided to become Ahmadis after watching MTA Ghana programmes after a few months of operation.”

Bashirudeen Adams Sahib, Head of Graphics, said:

“We are in such times when one cannot travel to go and meet His Holiness for prayers and his guidance but due to advancement in technology, it has been possible to sit face to face with my beloved Huzooraa. It is an opportunity everyone wishes to have. It is an honour and a great blessing to get guidance from Huzooraa. I really valued his time spent with us. It is my prayer that Allah grants him strength and good health to be able to give us such guidance always.”

Zainab Debrah Sahiba, a volunteer in scheduling, said:

“I feel very privileged to be part of this mulaqat and I was very impressed and overwhelmed. Looking forward to having another [mulaqat].”

Amatu-Subuur Osman Sahiba said:

“This was my first mulaqat with Huzooraa, which was amazing and I count myself blessed for the opportunity. Huzooraa advised us to work hard to ensure the progress of MTA from strength to strength.” 

Mirza Salih Sahib said:

“What I learnt was that Huzooraa has many expectations from MTA Ghana, as in previous mulaqat with the missionaries, Huzooraa emphasised on live interactive programmes and many other such things. May Allah forgive our shortcomings and enable us to follow Huzoor’saa instructions.”

The mulaqat was indeed a blessed opportunity for me that words cannot capture. Interaction with the Khalifa of the age is a rare opportunity. We spent days and nights preparing for the mulaqat, praying and hoping things went well. The whole team came together to sacrifice a ram and indeed, behind the scenes, a lot of things happened that are not less than miracles. 

What impressed me most was the fact that Huzooraa had an aura surrounding him and before the meeting; everyone was tense. However, due to his shafqat (affection), everyone got relaxed when the interaction started. Huzoor’saa patience was extraordinary. How patiently he waited for everyone to come from the control room, interacted with them and even answered some questions despite the fact that time had run out.

Huzooraa most patiently listened to all of us like a loving father and gave guidance. The depth of his insight is impeccable. 

Another wonder was how he could tell a person’s background in Ghana just by his name or looks. This is a thing that many Ghanaians fail to do. 

When Huzooraa prayed for me that “May Allah bless you”, I literally felt it and I was happy because Allah definitely listens to the Khalifa’s prayers. 

Huzooraa gave a lot of guidance that for me are very key to the success of MTA as a whole. We will endeavour to follow it to the letter, insha-Allah

I was indeed motivated to work more and harder. What motivated me more is when I was told during the test time that Huzooraa comes back to his office between 9-10pm. If at this age, he works so hard and relentlessly, we have no excuse. 

It is my heartfelt prayer that may Allah, out of His sheer grace and mercy, grant our beloved spiritual father a long, healthy life, full of success, and enable us to reap the benefits of Khilafat. We love Huzooraa! All Ghanaians love Huzooraa! We hope and wish to see you, beloved Huzoor! 

Lastly, I would like to, on behalf of the MTA team, express our sincerest gratitude to Huzooraa for this opportunity and honour.

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