“My philosophy is, if women work outside the shade of men, they flourish better” – Huzoor speaks to German press

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Karlsruhe, 5 July: Immediately after the Jumuah prayer, Hazrat Amirul Momineenaa made his way for a meeting with press representatives who had questions to ask on social issues related to Islam.

The first question asked was with regard to Huzoor’saa message at Jalsa Salana. Huzooraa explained that the purpose behind the event is for the spiritual level of members of the community to improve and for them to fulfil their responsibilities towards their Creator and fellow beings.

Another press representative asked why Islamophobia existed. Huzooraa replied that we should understand the real reason behind this hostility towards Islam. Huzooraa explained that there is a very small percentage who feel threatened by Islam. There are two groups: one who, in the name of Islam create unrest and violence, while there is the other group who, again in the name of Islam, promotes peace and love. Disturbances by extremists are the fault of the very extremists. If one cannot find anything wrong with the teachings of Islam, then there can be no Islamophobia.

Huzooraa then advised to look at countries such as USA where thousands of people are killed too frequently. Huzooraa said that American civilians are responsible for those instances and asked why such people are not considered a similar sort of threat? Thus, we should not brand these actions in the name of Islam, even if they are committed in the name of Islam.

After that, a brief question was posed to Huzooraa about his message to the world through this Jalsa. Huzooraa said that he had already alluded to this in his Friday Sermon: we should discharge our responsibilities to God and our fellow beings and live peaceably across the world.

A question was then asked in Bosnian, which was translated for Huzooraa; Why do Europeans feel threatened and insecure by immigrants. Huzooraa said that such a question should actually be asked to those who feel threatened. If Europeans feel threatened, then, Huzooraa explained, it is because of the growth of certain communities which results in locals having many apprehensions. Huzooraa went on to clarify that religion never spreads through immigration. If values are kept in tact, then there should be no threat felt by anyone.

A lady asked about the role of women in the community, to which Huzooraa responded that we must, as Muslims, follow the teachings of Islam, the Holy Book and the sayings of the Prophetsa. If we do not, then this would be deviating from the actual purpose of our religion. It is an established fact that only a century ago, rights were not given to women in the West. It was Islam that offered rights for divorce, the freedom in choosing a life partner and other such privileges over a thousand years ago.

Huzooraa added that the following day, the ladies would be holding their session in which ladies would offer speeches and that he would also be addressing them in their hall. Their side of Jalsa Salana has an equal amount of effort and preparation behind it and same facilities and amenities. The journalist who asked this question was accompanied by a German Ahmadi lady, Khola Hübsch Sahiba. Huzooraa told the journalist that her host speaks much better than many of the men of the community.

Huzooraa added at the end, “My philosophy is, if women work outside the shade of men, they flourish better.”

This brought the press conference to a close.

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