National Badminton Tournament 2018


Saad Ahmed Khan

Majlis Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya Thailand organised a national badminton tournament on 7 May 2018 in Bangkok. 

At 12pm, the programme commenced with the recitation of the Quran after which the tournament organiser read out the rules and regulations to the Khuddam before the tournament. Before that, names were drawn for teaming up the Majlis and then the tournament started. 

A total of seven majalis [local chapters] participated in the tournament out of nine. In total, four pool matches, two semifinals and a final match was played.  Phetkasem and Sawatdikan played in the final, and Sawatdikan defeated Phetkasem with two points. 

Before the second semifinal, we had lunch at about 2pm. After lunch, we began the semifinals. During the tournament, scoring was done by three Khuddam.

Trophies and gifts were distributed to winning teams. The attendance saw 32 Khuddam, two Ansar, three Atfal, totaling 37 attendees, out of whom 14 were players. 

At the end of the tournament, the Chief Guest, Naib Sadr Majlis Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya Thailand distributed prizes to the winning teams and spoke to the Khuddam.

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