Online event for Huddersfield on importance of building mosques


Aamir Shahzad, President Huddersfield South Jamaat

The Holy Prophetsa said that the one who makes a house of God in this world, God would make a house for them in Paradise. Huddersfield North and South Jamaats organised an online jalsa on 31 January 2021, to highlight the importance of building mosques and its blessings. 

Huddersfield Jamaat have beautiful land with scenic views, where it is working to build a mosque. An update regarding development work and finances were also presented during the jalsa.

Ataul Mujeeb Rashed Sahib, Missionary-in-Charge UK was the chief guest of the event, who gave an inspirational speech regarding spending in the way of Allah and its countless blessings.

Shakeel Yousaf Sahib gave a presentation regarding the ongoing development work and financial contribution updates. 

Ataul Mujeeb Rashed Sahib addressed and shared several incidents about how someone can be a recipient of bounties of Allah and can experience Allah’s help and favour by spending in His way.

He also explained the importance of building mosques by sharing sayings of the Holy Prophetsa and the Promised Messiahas. He advised Jamaat members that they should continuously offer their sacrifice for this mosque so that this new mosque can be built soon and we all see the happy day when Hazrat Khalifatul Masih Vaa comes to Huddersfield for inauguration, insha-Allah.

At the end, a few questions were asked which were answered by Ataul Mujeeb Rashed Sahib.

The Jalsa concluded with silent prayer.

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