Outreach Programmes in Spain


Jamia Ahmadiyya Visits

There is great emphasis on tabligh in Spain. 

For the past four years, Hazrat Khalifatul Masihaa has been sending newly qualified missionaries from Jamia Ahmadiyya UK to Spain to distribute leaflets with a brief introduction to the Jamaat to create awareness among the public. 


Jamia graduates distribute leaflets across Spain

For the last two years, newly qualified missionaries of Jamia Germany have been visiting for the same purpose. 

Groups are formed to are spread out throughout the different cities of Spain and they distribute leaflets, which result in many one-on-one discussions about the truth of Islam and the background of the Promised Messiah’sas advent. 

Neighbouring islands such as Gibraltar and Morocco have been the centre of attention for the past few years. Groups visit these areas as well and pass on the peaceful message of Islam.

Bearing in mind that Huzooraa desires that the message of Islam Ahmadiyyat should spread rapidly in Spain, Jamaat Spain has formulated outreach programmes also.  Regular leafleting sessions are take place in all the five Jamaats throughout Spain.

Small villages and market places are targeted to ensure that the message of Islam Ahmadiyyat reaches far and wide. 


Throughout the year, lectures have been held in the universities, schools and colleges of Spain. It is a great chance to educate the youth about the reality of Islam and how it offers a peaceful, harmonious and practical way of life. The lectures are followed by Q&A sessions in which students never hold back in raising the controversial issues surrounding Islam in the media. Often the students are amazed at the logical answers they are given and appreciate Islam’s tolerant and sensible teachings. 

School Visits

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat’s mosques are hubs of harmony, tolerance and knowledge. Jamaat Spain has had over ten visits of secondary schools, primary schools and universities to their mosques. For children, it is usually their first experience in a mosque since there are not many Mosques in Spain. Students are given tours of the mosque and brief introductions about the Jamaat as the true Islam.


School Visit to Basharat Mosque, Spain

The Basharat Mosque is situated at an ideal location and is clearly visible from the highway. It is among the most beautiful and visible buildings in the village. It is very common for travellers to stop and ask to be given a tour of the mosque. They are provided with refreshments and are given a brief introduction of Islam Ahmadiyyat. Throughout the year, the Basharat Mosque often makes the headlines in newspapers and television channels.

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