Paraguayans try on hijab and learn about women’s rights in Islam

Mishaal Baten, Paraguay Correspondent

Lajna Imaillah Paraguay held a virtual event called “Hijab: Personal choice or oppression?”. It was attended by 28 people, including local Ahmadi converts and non-Ahmadi guests. 

A presentation about the Islamic teaching of hijab was given by my humble self, and the women had an opportunity to ask questions as well. The rights of women in Islam were shared and a lot of misconceptions and doubts about Islam and the hijab were removed. A few female converts shared their stories regarding their personal journey with the hijab

In light of the success of this virtual class, we later decided to hold the same event in person for women who wanted to meet with other Muslim women face-to-face. The event was held at a local cafe and was attended by 18 people. A book stall and Quran exhibition were also held as a “try on a hijab” stall.

The event started with an icebreaker where all attendees introduced themselves. Then the presentation was given and the local lajna members again shared their experiences and conversion stories with the group.

For the local guests to meet and speak to Paraguayan Muslim converts was inspiring. Sister Vanessa Grange had the honour of meeting Hazrat Khalifatul Masih Vaa in the UK earlier this year and became emotional as she shared her mulaqat experience with all the women.

At the end of the event, all women wanted to try on a hijab and did so; some bought hijabs to take home. 

Many attendees bought Jamaat literature and some expressed their desire to keep learning about Islam and to also visit the mosque in future. They were invited to attend the weekly Quran classes that take place at the mosque. Many friendships and contacts were created and it is our prayer that Allah may guide the righteous souls to accept Islam Ahmadiyyat. 

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