Path to ultimate peace


    “The path to ultimate peace lies in purifying one’s intentions, becoming devoted solely to God, having an honest relationship with Him and enhancing it further, and striving for His sake. He alone should be one’s Goal and Beloved. One should tread the path of righteousness and perform virtuous deeds. Then, the Divine practice [sunnatullah] will also fulfil its role.

    “The focus of such a person should not be upon the outcomes but be fixed solely on this one point. If reaching that point requires the acceptance of the greatest punishment, even then one should proceed towards it – not with the primary aim of [gaining] any rewards or [avoiding any] punishments, but purely with God Almighty as the ultimate goal. When one approaches Him with loyalty and sincerity, attaining closeness to Him, then one will witness all that could never have crossed one’s imagination, so much so that even visions and dreams will be nothing [in comparison to it]. Thus, I wish to guide you towards this path, and this is the true purpose.”

    (Al Hakam, Vol. 10, 10 December 1906, p. 4)

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