Peace Symposium held by Lajna Imaillah, NSW, Australia

Amatul Malik Najam, Secretary Tabligh, Lajna Imaillah Australia

Lajna Imaillah NSW hosted a Peace Symposium on 28 April 2024, at the Baitul Huda Mosque, Sydney. The event was organised by the National Tabligh Department, in collaboration with the NSW regions, on the theme “Human Rights According to My Faith”. A total of 150 members participated and 54 external guests from various sectors of society were also present, including representatives from different faiths and organisations dedicated to human rights advocacy.

The formal event started with the recitation from the Holy Quran and its translation. Ms Andrea Nevill, a Bardi/Jawi woman from the Kimberleys in Western Australia and a radio broadcaster on Koori Radio 93.7FM, then stated an Acknowledgement of Country.

During the event, representatives from various faiths and organisations presented their perspectives on human rights, including representatives from Christianity, Hinduism, First Nations people, Buddhism, and various other dignitaries.

The formal session ended with concluding remarks, a vote of thanks and a silent prayer led by Sadr Lajna Imaillah Australia, Abida Chaudhary Sahiba.

The highlights of the symposium included a Holy Quran exhibition, showcasing translations of the Holy Quran in 34 different languages. There was also a bookstall offering a variety of literature and pamphlets. “Try a Hijab” and calligraphy stalls were also highlights of the day, attracting numerous guests to enjoy these hands-on experiences. A documentary showcasing the efforts of Lajna Imaillah Australia on the topic of “Ahmadi Women are Striving for Humanity”, was also played for the audience.

The external guests were interviewed, providing an opportunity for dialogue and the exchange of ideas. Feedback and comments were recorded in a guest book and on a feedback wall. Here are some of the comments and feedback:

Andrea Nevill said: “An inspirational day! Today was very enlightening and it was wonderful to hear the various speakers. Thank you.”

Angela Johnston said: “I congratulate your group for a great event that unites various faiths for a common purpose.”

Colleen Foley said: “Thank you for such a lovely, friendly welcome, and for the speakers who inspired us.”

Kanda Quinlan said: “Fantastic to see powerful women today and we are on the same page, promoting human rights. Keep up the good work.”

Margaret Tishu said: “All the speakers were very informative. Good, you had such a variety of speakers.”

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