Planting the Roots of Islam in Argentina


Marwan Gill Sahib (Right) Missionary Argentina at local radio station

Jamaat Ahmadiyya Argentina was recently sent its first Missionary and since then, the Jamaat has had the good fortune of spreading the message of Islam Ahmadiyyat far and wide. 

Last summer, three Argentinian journalists from the news & radio channel “ABC Mundial” participated in Jalsa Salana UK. By the grace of Allah, the Jalsa and the message of the Ahmadiyya Community had such a positive impact on them that they offered us themselves to start a radio programme on their channel to introduce our community and the real Islamic values to the local people here in Argentina. 

Hence, it was another fulfilment and manifestation of the Divine promise, “I shall cause thy message to reach the corners of the earth,” with the inauguration of the radio show Discubra el Islam (Discover Islam) on 10 February 2018. 

This programme is held in Spanish every Saturday from 10-11am and is repeated on Tuesdays. It is also transmitted live via Facebook. So far, 9 episodes of Discubra el Islam have been broadcast, in which various topics have already been covered, such as, terrorism and Islam, the Islamic Veil, true concept of jihad, and the purpose of life.

The programme starts with a recorded recitation of the Holy Quran and finishes with a recording of Durud Sharif. 

In the first half the Missionary and his wife answer different questions and in the second half of the programme they speak to different Spanish speaking Ahmadi members all over the world. So far, guests from Spain, UK, Germany, Mexico, United States, Guatemala and Uruguay have participated.

By the grace of Allah, through this radio programme the message of the True Islam is weekly received by more than 27,000 listeners. 

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