Preparation for Jalsa Salana UK


Mohammad Nasser Khan
Afsar Jalsa Salana

Every year, the local authorities give us a 28-day window in which we are to erect and install all the temporary structures, tracks and services for Jalsa Salana UK in Hadeeqat-ul-Mahdi. It is within this same window that we are expected to remove all of this infrastructure and restore the site back to its original condition as well. This 28-day period has now begun and so the marathon is underway. 

Various suppliers that provide the massive marquees for Jalsa Salana and miles of temporary track have been contacted, and contracts have been settled. The site and the permanent barns on site have been cleaned and prepared for use. The roti plant has also been overhauled, cleaned and prepared for operation. 

The main kitchen is housed in a barn within Hadeeqat-ul-Mahdi. All the burners have been overhauled and a new exhaust system has been installed in light of instructions received by the local council. The other equipment in the kitchens have also been renewed and overhauled as well. Buildings have been renovated, doors have been replaced and roofs have been repaired to prevent leaks. Various electrical equipment and maintenance equipment has also been restored. Water services have been overhauled and cleaned. Additionally, food supplies have mostly been procured and will now be stocked. The main deliveries consisting of bedding, as well as kitchen and cleanliness supplies have also been made.


Since there are arrangements in Bait-ul-Futuh to accommodate our guests from abroad, marquees for accommodation and food have been installed. Similarly, marquees have been setup in Fazl Mosque as an overflow for the congregational prayer and also for food. The Jamia Ahmadiyya UK building has also been repaired and prepared to accommodate the Tabshir guests that will be staying there. Marquees have also been erected on the Jamia premises for this purpose. 

All of the other departments are also working tirelessly as the Jalsa Salana approaches. The management committee for Jalsa Salana holds regular meetings. The departments or Nizamats for car passes, store, kitchen, maintenance, roti plant maintenance, accounts, office, etc. are all working in their own capacities. Registration has also begun, and identification cards are being made for guests who have now begun to arrive.


Jalsa Salana UK is international in scope, due to the blessed presence of Hazrat Khalifatul Masih, may Allah be his Helper. Guests of the Promised Messiah, on whom be peace, flock from all the corners of the world to attend this Jalsa and derive blessings from their blessed Imamaa. For this purpose, visas must be obtained by thousands of guests before they can visit the UK. For this purpose, the Home Office in the UK and various embassies contact the Jalsa Salana Office for clearance and we are in constant contact with them to address any queries they may have.

We request all readers to remember us in your prayers, so that Allah may enable us to fulfil our responsibilities in the manner that pleases Him. 

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