Quest for global unity and questions of hope for future in Leicester peace conference

Ibrahim Bonsu, President Jamaat Leicester

On 5 March 2022, Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya Leicester held its annual Peace Conference on Zoom. The theme for this year’s Peace Conference was, “Quest for Global Unity, is there any Hope?”

A theme that needs no further explanation looking at the precarious state of world affairs which is drawing mankind closer to the brink of a world war

With about 75 participating through Zoom accounts, it was estimated to have been watched by over 200 people.

The main guest speakers for the event included the Assistant City Mayor for Leicester Councillor Rita Patel, and representing Leicestershire Police Force, Sergeant Yusuf Nagdi. 

The main speaker for the event was the regional missionary, Zartashat Latif Sahib. The host of the event was Syed Adil Sahib, Secretary External Affairs of Jamaat Leicester. 

The event commenced with a recitation from the Holy Quran with its English translation, followed by a welcome address by me. 

An introductory video about Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya and the efforts of Hazrat Khalifatul Masih Vaa for world peace was relayed to the audience. 

The first guest speaker, Councillor Rita Patel commended the Jamaat on its inspiring works of serving humanity, but at the same time reminded all participants to reflect on the legacy they wished to leave behind for their future generation if enough was not done to curb the growing uncertainties, inequalities and dangers that lay ahead as far as the unity and peace of mankind were concerned.  

Following that, the second guest speaker in the person of Police Sergeant Yusuf Nagdi (recruitment officer for the Leicestershire Police force) drew the attention of participants to the need to build trust and confidence between all communities and the policing force in order to foster a peaceful atmosphere in the society. That meant all parties needed to promote tolerance and build upon the many commonalities that bring us together than the little that divide us. 

This was followed by a short video compilation of Huzoor’s addresses at various peace symposia.

Then, Zartashat Latif Sahib addressed and reminded the audience about the strength that exists in unity.

A vote of thanks was delivered by the regional President Midlands, Syed Imtiaz Sahib, and Zartashat Latif Sahib then led everyone in a silent prayer.

Many positive comments were received after the event. The assistant city mayor sent her gratitude for being invited to the peace conference stating it gave her the opportunity to learn much more about the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. 

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