Quran class organised by Nairobi local Jamaat


Tahir Ahmad Machengo

Kenya Correspondent

On 19 May, the local Jamaat of Nairobi organised a Quran class, which was held in the Jamaat mosque in Nairobi. The programme began immediately after Asr prayer that was conducted at 5pm Kenyan time. The class was moderated by Sheikh Asif Toheed Sahib.

The verses recited were Surah al-Hijr, chapter 15, verse 27-61. The entire discourse was centered on the creation of man, Iblis and Jinn. Sheikh Asif Sahib explained in detail the deeper meaning with reference to explanations of Hazrat Khalifatul Masih I’sra and Hazrat Khalifatul Masih II’sra translations. He explained the creation of man from clay, which metaphorically meant than man’s nature was inclined to receive revelation. He explained that the Jinn connotes those people who do associate or do not like associating with the others instead remain in solitude.

The programme continued until Maghrib prayer, when members broke their fasts together in the Ahmadiyya Hall. This was followed by Maghrib prayer and dinner. A total of about 96 members attended the programme.

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