Quran Exhibition in Aachen


Tabligh Department, Germany

A five-day exhibition in Aachen, under the auspices of Tabligh Department AMJ Germany, was concluded with a turnout of more than 3,500 visitors from different walks of life.

Aachen is situated directly on the border with Belgium and the Netherlands. It is Germany’s most westerly city, with a population of 250,000. More than 50,000 students attend Aachen’s four major colleges and universities, including the most famous Rhineland-Westphalian Technical University – RWTH. 


AMJ Germany

The venue of the event was the main square of Aachen city. The public appreciated this introduction of a peaceful Islam, in the midst of the worldwide curiosity about Muslims.

A local police officer visited this event as part of his duty, but after having a detailed look into the material and message of the exhibition, he said: 

“Although the general opinion is not favourable for the Islam exhibition and such events, I am confident that this will prove an ice-breaking event for the public opinion of our city. Moreover, the literature and material presented in this exhibition would be helpful in promotion of pluralism and peace in public minds.”

Teachers, students, housewives and couples shared equal interest in this event. It attracted and maintained the visitors’ interests for all five days.

The translations of the Holy Quran in many languages was something of special interest for people from different religious backgrounds and it was equally amazing for Christians, Jews and Muslims. 

Some students from Muslim countries took pride in the publication of the Holy Quran in so many languages of the world.

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