Recalling Huzoor’s words amid Geert Wilders’ ‘victory’ in Dutch elections

Jalees Ahmad, Al Hakam

Today, the BBC reported on a significant development in Dutch politics, headlining their article as ‘Anti-Islam populist Geert Wilders wins dramatic victory”. Geert Wilders, the Dutch politician who, since 2006, led his Freedom Party (PVV), has gained “victory in the Dutch general election.” (

The news report states: “When he burst into Dutch national politics 25 years ago, he was nicknamed Mozart for his sweeping mane of blonde hair.” (

It is clear from the title of the news report that Geert Wilders is and has been vocally against Islam, be it his call to place a ban on the Holy Quran, or claiming that the Prophet Muhammadsa, God forbid, became an extremist in his later years, or his saying that the Holy Quran incites violence. (

With his “victory”, it may have crossed the minds of some, and they may even be concerned as to what this implies for Muslims living in the country.

If we recall back to 2007, Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad, Khalifatul Masih Vaa, whilst emphasising how Islam presents the true concept of God Almighty in the present day, reminded us that due to a lack of knowledge about Islam and the Holy Prophetsa, it becomes even more necessary than before to share the beautiful teachings of Islam and the exemplary life of the Holy Prophetsa.

Huzooraa then went on to mention the Dutch Member of Parliament, Geert Wilders, who expressed extreme hatred towards Islam. “Individuals of this kind, who cannot find peace in their own religion and struggle to comprehend God, inevitably resort to defiling and accusing Islam.” (Friday Sermon, 23 February 2007, “Exemplary Compassion of The Holy Prophet”,

In response to Mr Wilders’ statement that if the Holy Prophetsa was present in Holland today, then he would have expelled him, Huzooraa said:

“God willing, you will witness a time where you will find a majority of those who follow Muhammadsa, the Messenger of Allah, everywhere. From the time of the Holy Prophet’ssa claim until now, his opponents have made relentless efforts, but have they been successful? Today, across the world, in all places, in all countries, whether Muslims are in small or large numbers, five times a day, with a resounding voice, if any Prophet’s name is invoked, then it is [the name] of this mercy for all mankind [i.e., Prophet Muhammadsa].” (Ibid.)

Huzooraa answered various of Mr Wilders’ allegations against Islam on various occasions. See Friday Sermons of 24 August 2007, 14 October 2011, 28 March 2008, 9 December 2011, 8 June 2012.

On 14 October 2011, Huzooraa said:

“No worldly power, no matter how powerful and no matter how much hatred they bear towards Islam, will ever succeed in erasing our religion.”

“Always remember that we can achieve nothing without prayer. We have no worldly power, nor will we ever use any worldly force. But the prayers of people whose hearts have been grieved are enough to shake the Heavens.” (“World Muslim Leader sends warning to Dutch politician Geert Wilders”,

In the context of these words and the enduring strength of prayer, the narrative of Arnoud van Doorn provides a thought-provoking perspective. Previously aligned with Geert Wilders and a critic of Islam, van Doorn’s eventual conversion to Islam is a stark example of Islam’s enduring appeal. His shift from opposition to acceptance exemplifies how understanding Islam’s true teachings can profoundly change perspectives. This change in van Doorn resonates with Huzoor’saa words on the lasting influence of Islam and its Holy Prophetsa, demonstrating how even those initially resistant can be moved by its message.

Then, in his sermon of 9 December 2011, whilst speaking of Mr Wilders and those who oppose Islam, Huzooraa said:

“Those who are excessive in disrespecting, speaking negatively, exceeding bounds in enmity against Islam and the Holy Prophet, peace and blessings of Allah be on him), should desist from it, or else fear God’s chastisement.” (Friday Sermon, 9 December 2011, “Islam Ahmadiyyat – The Truth Prevails”,

And so, as we enter this phase where “Anti-Islam populist Geert Wilders wins dramatic victory,” we must remember the profound words of Hazrat Khalifatul Masih Vaa.

With all that the world is going through in this day and age, it is all the more imperative for Muslims to unite as one. If our aim is to spread the message of the oneness of God and the peaceful teachings of Islam and the Holy Quran, it becomes imperative to unite. This unity is the shared aspiration of all honourable individuals who wish to see Islam thrive, a vision passionately echoed by Hazrat Khalifatul Masih Vaa and his Community.

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