Reflections on Ramadan


“If God Almighty had wished, He could have refrained from imposing any restrictions on this ummah, as He did with other nations. However, He instituted these restrictions for their welfare. In my view, the crux of the matter is when an individual, with utter sincerity and absolute devotion, implores Allah the Exalted not to be deprived during this month, then God Almighty does not leave him deprived. In such a situation, if a person falls ill during the month of Ramadan, this illness turns into a blessing for him because the value of every deed is dependent on the intention behind it. A believer ought to demonstrate his valour in the path of God Almighty through his very being. Anyone who misses fasting but harbours in his heart, with profound sincerity, the desire to fast and is grief-stricken over this, then angels will fast on his behalf. Provided he is not seeking to make frivolous excuses, Allah Almighty will surely not withhold His rewards from him.”

(Malfuzat [1984], Vol. 4, p. 259)

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