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Ahmad Kaire Batte

Uganda Correspondent

On 14 October 2018, Kamuli region held their regional Jalsa Salana. 

The programme began with Zuhr and Asr prayers. This was followed by the inspection of different departments, including Langar Khana, water department, exhibition, registration and others. 

The formal part of the programme began with the recitation of the Holy Quran (Ch.5: V.9-12) by brother Shaban Ssentongo. This was followed by an Urdu poem by Sheikh Nasir Ahmad Ssonko. 

The first speech of the event was on The Need for Khilafat by Sheikh Faisal Buyonjo. To deal with this topic, he first elaborated on the concept of Khilafat according to Islamic terminology. Then he explained how other people understand this concept, after which he established the need of Khilafat according to the Quran and Hadith. 

Next on the programme was a speech on The True Meaning of Ahmadiyya by Sheikh Adam Hamid Ssembajje. By using the Quran (Ch.62: V.3-4), he explained the aims of the Ahmadiyya Jamaat and then managed to establish the true meaning of Ahmadiyya by explaining the history of the establishment of the Jamaat as compared to the prophecies contained in verses 3-4 of Surah al-Jumu‘ah and Hadith. 

The Amir and Missionary In-charge recognised the activities of Humanity First and gave a brief history about the organisation and the aims of its establishment. He then briefly spoke about their various projects like Water for Life, where many boreholes were constructed; Orphan Care, where orphans are helped in attaining knowledge through bursaries and Knowledge for Life, where poor families with bright children are helped in giving children quality education.

Amir Sahib called upon all Jamaat members to give Humanity First a helping hand because helping God’s creation is one of the responsibilities placed upon every Ahmadi Muslim according to the Promised Messiahas. Amir Sahib then launched a fund which will be a helping hand to Humanity First. 

Following Amir Sahib’s speech, members of the Jamaat were introduced to guests who had come to attend. 


AMJ Uganda

The District Councillor, Mr Mutaawe Ronald, said:

“I have become a great friend of the Jamaat because when I was young, I lost my father. The man who helped us so much in this sorrowful situation was an Ahmadi missionary called Sheikh Sulaiman Sewannyana. Then, I was encouraged to go for Jalsa Salana, though I was not a Muslim. I ate to my full and I was given the best hospitality, a thing which doesn’t happen at other non-Ahmadi Muslim gatherings. At the Jalsa, I saw that the teachings of the Jamaat were exactly as what I saw in one of the Ahmadi missionaries during the time of the death of my father. This made me love Ahmadiyyat a lot.”

Former MP of Kamuli Municipal Council, Martin Muzaale Mugabi, was very much interested in the Jamaat slogan and asked to hear it again, to which the Jamaat slogan was proclaimed again, a thing which impressed him a lot. He then said:

“When I was still schooling at Wandegeya Ahmadiyya high school, a missionary who was in charge of that school took good care of me. That man was called Sheikh Sulaiman Sewannyana. I am working in the government because of the Jamaat’s help. I want to thank the Jamaat because at the time, when I was still in the office of the MP, I was greatly helped by the Jamaat to bring help to our people.” 

The Jalsa saw an attendance of 2,569 people, and these are the people who received the message of the Promised Messiahas.

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