Remembering Our Loved Ones


Hazrat Amirul Mominin, Khalifatul Masih Vaa leads the Jamaat in a collective, global, silent prayer just before the end of Ramadan. We have compiled a list of those people that Huzooraa always reminds us to remember in our prayers. We present the list hereby, so that readers may particularly remember these people in their prayers during the blessed month of Ramadan.

Huzooraa usually asks us to pray:

  •       For all Muslims that they may abstain from everything that leads to weakness of faith. May they be able to comply with the commandment of Allah and the Holy Prophetsa of Islam in understanding the purpose of the advent of the Promised Messiahas and then trying wholeheartedly to accept him through Baiat
  •        For all Ahmadi Muslims, that they advance in their belief and faith
  •       For the whole Muslim World to unite. Their mutual dissensions are resulting in their enemies taking advantage of their plight. Their enemies are benefitting from the resources and assets that Allah has blessed them with. May Allah enable the Muslim World to bow before Allah, seeking His Mercy
  •       For the Worldwide Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat. May Allah keep every single Ahmadi in His Protection and save them from everything bad. The situation in some countries is not favourable for Ahmadis; May Allah grant the Ahmadis in those countries the perseverance and steadfastness on faith
  •        For every Ahmadi to understand the true status of Khilafat-e-Ahmadiyya and may they always remain attached to it
  •        That all Waqifin-e-Zindagi are able to fulfil their pledges as life devotees
  •       That Waqifin-e-Nau, some of whom are now functional in their respective fields, be granted the ability to perform their duties. Those who are still in education, may they be able to fulfil their pledges
  •        That every Ahmadi be protected from the curse of the Antichrist, saving us from its evil plots and schemes
  •         For the Shuhada [Martyrs] of Ahmadiyyat and their families to always remain in His protection
  •         For Asiran [prisoners in the way of Allah], that they and their families are granted patience and comforted by Allah
  •         For those who are in any kind of financial trouble, in their businesses or under heavy loans – whether inevitably or through their own mistakes – that they may be relieved of all such hardships
  •          That all those who are oppressed – politically, socially or religiously – are granted ease by Allah
  •          For those going through matrimonial quarrels
  •          For widows, orphans and those deprived of their rights
  •          For those young women and men who have reached the age of marriage but have still not found the right match
  •          For agriculturalists, industrialists, businessmen and any others involved in litigations 
  •          For the Darvesh of Qadian (those who remained behind in Qadian, after the partition of the Indian subcontinent)
  •          For Ahmadis living in Rabwah and in the rest of Pakistan
  •          For Algerian Ahmadis, as the circumstances have turned extremely unfavourable for them
  •          For those who participate in financial sacrifice through Tehrik-e-Jadid and Waqf-e-Jadid 
  •          For staff of MTA International that Allah accepts their endeavours. Many are volunteers who work in various parts of the world for MTA
  •          For those struck by natural calamities in various parts of the world

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