Hold fast unto the Rope of Allah: Hazrat Musleh-e-Maud’s advice to the Muslim World

Ata-ul-Haye Nasir, Al Hakam
The Promised Messiahas

We witness that contemporary Muslims are divided, facing various difficulties and regressing in all fields, just because they have drifted away from the true teachings of Islam. This was all prophesied by the Holy Prophet Muhammadsa 1400 years ago, and thus, he instructed the Muslims to join the Jamaat of the Promised Messiahas in the Latter Days for the rejuvenation of their faith.

During his Friday Sermon on 30 November 1917, Hazrat Musleh-e-Maud, Mirza Bashir-ud-Din Mahmud Ahmadra spoke about the helpless situation of the Muslims and said that the Holy Prophetsa had prophesied that there would be a time when the Muslims would divert from the true teachings of Islam and “they were to get stranded in such a ‘swamp’ [of ignorance] that none of the worldly efforts could save them. Therefore, the Holy Prophetsa said, at that time the Messiah would come to save those who would be about to drown [spiritually]. In such a situation, the only effective remedy is the help from God, as He sends down a ‘rope’ from Heaven. Since prophets are hablullah [rope of Allah], God sent the Promised Messiahas at that time to save the world. But alas, when God sent down this hablullah, the people attempted to terminate that ‘rope’, instead of holding fast to it.

“The situation which is faced by the Muslims, nowadays, is worsening with each passing day. However, it is so unfortunate that instead of holding fast by this ‘rope’ which was sent to save them, they desired to terminate it. What would be its result? Obviously, they would be ruined. They were engrossed by ailment, God sent a [spiritual] healer for them. However, they neglected the fact that they were ailing and close to drowning [spiritually], and attempted to harm and destroy that ‘healer’ and to terminate that ‘rope’.

“Who will be pleased to see it terminate? Will it be [the religion of] Islam? Not at all. In fact, it will please the opponents of Islam. However, could someone terminate this hablullah? Not at all. Those who desire to terminate it, would be destroyed. The result of their efforts would be similar to the fate of those who attempt to oppose the Truth. Since its Guardian is not an ordinary being, but rather, it is God Almighty Who has sent it for the salvation of His creation.

“Therefore, they are afflicting their own selves by opposing this hablullah, and ‘harming’ the cause of Islam. If they had acted with wisdom, they would have known as to which Jamaat is serving to save Islam. Are they the clerics who consider abusing and attacking the Promised Messiahas as the biggest purpose of their lives? Not at all. They do not care no matter what happens to Islam. They do not strive for the cause of Islam. But rather, whenever there is a need to protect and defend Islam, it is often said that ‘call a Mirzai’. However, how strange it is that at such junctures, they call the khuddam [followers] of Hazrat Mirza Sahibas — whom they declare dajjal, God forbid. They are required to ponder that if Mirza Sahibas was a ‘dajjal’ [God forbid], would he have prepared such people who are ever ready to confront every opponent in defence of Islam? If this is a trait of dajjal, then I say that may God create many such ‘dajjals’ so that Islam may be guarded.


“It is a point to ponder that whenever there is any need to protect Islam, the people’s attention is inclined towards the Ahmadiyya [Muslim] Jamaat, instead of these clerics who only spread the edicts of kufr [disbelief]. […] The number of Muslims is said to be around 400 million, and in comparison, Ahmadis are very small in number, as in very insignificant, because they are thousands of times more than us. However, one should compare and see as to what is the proportion of our [Ahmadis] efforts for the propagation of the Faith and protection of Islam, in comparison to the rest of the [non-Ahmadi] Muslims. What efforts are they making for the sake of Faith despite being in such exceeding numbers, and what services are we [Ahmadis] rendering despite being in the minority?

“If one ponders over the wealthy people and traders among them [non-Ahmadi Muslims], one finds that though they might have spent a lot in various works, they would rarely spend any money for the propagation and protection of Islam. However, in comparison, even if one ponders over the poorest Ahmadi, one finds that they spend a part of their hard-earned income on the propagation and protection of Islam.

“Our claim is that ‘We represent Islam’, and their claim is also the same, however, the point to ponder is that whenever Islam is faced with any turmoil, whose heart feels the pain and upon feeling such anguish, who is ready to sacrifice even their life for this cause? This very criterion could decide between us, and one could find as to who has a [true] connection with Islam. […] One should see whenever the world attempts to efface Islam, who is at the forefront to offer sacrifices and says ‘separate my head from the body, and then you may attack Islam’? And who is the one who remains aloof? […]

“If those who claim to be Muslim had any connection with Islam, why would they not have any passion upon witnessing such a situation of Islam? However, the fact is that their situation is like the person who is aware of the presence of water and that it is filled with a tiriyaq [cure], but still does not drink it. […] They have turned away from God. God has deprived them of the opportunity to serve Islam. God does not care for those who do not pay attention towards His beloved and ma’mur [appointee]. Thus, they are unable to serve Islam. This is a point to ponder, there is great proof for the truthfulness of our Community.

“These people [opponents of Ahmadiyyat] desire to efface us, however, we sympathise with them and only pray for them. The Promised Messiahas has also said: 

اے دل تو نیز خاطرِ ایناں نگاہ دار

كآخر كنند دعوٰیٔ حُبِّ پیمبرم

“[O heart, be considerate towards them; For they claim to love my Prophetsa. (Izala-e-Auham, Ruhani Khazain, Vol. 3, p. 182)]

“After all, they are claimants of the love for the Quran, Islam, and the Holy Prophetsa. For this reason, we pray for them that ‘O our God, open their eyes so that they may see and benefit from that [spiritual] sun, which You have raised for their benefit, and may they hold fast to the habl [rope] which has been sent by You to save those who are about to drown.’” (Khutbat-e-Mahmud, Vol. 5, pp. 600-604)

May Allah the Almighty enable the Muslim World to pay heed to the ‘Rope of Allah’, and unite under the banner of Khilafat-e-Ahmadiyya which is continuing the Promised Messiah’sas mission — i.e., uniting the world at the hands of the Holy Prophet Muhammadsa. Amin.

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